Physics Principles- Applications

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Physics Principles that can be observed in a Theme Park Introduction Physics is a large subject that can be observed almost everywhere, even in a theme park, in a theme park physics principles such as weightlessness and acceleration/deceleration play a large part in ensuring that the rides are as thrilling as they are safe. In this essay I am going to show how two certain physics principles are being used in a ride to ensure that the ride is safe but at the same time delivers a lot of thrill to the rider. I am going to explore the sense of weightlessness during freefall, and how forces are used to ensure that the ride is not dangerous, I will also mention how gravitational potential energy converts to kinetic energy as the ride drops. Physics principles Weightlessness Freefall is a term used to describe how an object is moving through the air when there are practically no forces other than gravity acting on them. During freefall, object experience a sense of weightlessness but weightlessness does not mean that an object loses all its weight. Since in Physics weight does not mean how heavy an object is, (that is known as the mass) weight is a term used to describe how much force and object is exerting due to gravity, weight can only be felt if there is another force opposing the direction of the weight, as stated by Newton’s laws of motion that all forces have a resistant force that is equal to and in the opposite direction of the force on earth the resistant force is delivered by the ground beneath our feet, so if the ground was taken away, as in freefall, there would be no resistant force and we would not experience weight, that is what is meant by the term weightlessness. This is used in the ride I am going to study to create the feeling to falling into a pit and thus creating a thrill. Stopping forces Another physics principle I am going to explore is the use of forces to ensure that the ride is safe, specifically stopping forces. A stopping force is, as suggested by the name, is the force needed to stop an object
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from moving in a certain direction. This stopping force results in a deceleration of the object, the stopping force (F) is calculated by multiplying the mass (m) by the acceleration (a), so they are linked by the formula, Force =mass x acceleration. Acceleration is a term used to describe how much faster an object is getting, usually per second, it is calculated by taking the change in velocity (speed in a given direction, usually in m/s) (initial velocity u, minus the finishing velocity), and dividing it by the time taken for this change usually in seconds, this can be written ...

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