Physics Rubber Essay

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Physics Rubber Essay

Rubber is an elastic material, so when the force is removed; it returns to its original size and shape. Its structure is that, it’s a polymer as it has many long chains of this molecule (hydrocarbons). Rubber is used for many purposes including making tires, belts, hoses, furniture, rubbers and many more.  

The force-extension graph for rubber:

The force extension graph shows us that, the more force you apply to the material, the bigger the stretch/extension there will be. The blue line is indicating the stretch, and how we’re applying force to the material - it’s increasing. Whereas, the grey line is showing us the unstretch, so when we are removing the force individually. Notice, how this time, the line doesn’t match the blue line; this is because energy is lost through heat and sound when stretching, so the extension will be a bit more. This means that the graph did not obey Hooke’s law. As you can see on the graph, the area between the 2 lines represents lost energy.

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This type of graph is called the elastic hysteresis loop. This shows that the rubber was harder to stretch when loading rather than unloading, because more energy was required when loading, because the energy was lost as heat and sound.  

The social benefits are that, more and more people are taking advantage of what rubber can do. For example, nowadays, contraception is a very big issue, and many young teenagers and youngsters have unwanted pregnancies. Also, the export of natural rubber helps the economy and boosts money which can be spent on important topics, such as reducing poverty, ...

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