Purification of aluminium from Bauxite

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Purification of aluminium from Bauxite

Key features of the production process

  • First, we have the crushing stage which enables people to separate the metal-rich ore from the other rocks that are attached to it
  • The ore is roasted sometimes which helps remove sulphur
  • The metal goes through electrolysis to be able to extract the aluminium. But first is melted through molten cryolite so that the electricity can be able to pass through it. This is done to in order to ease the melting of the aluminium because it has a really high melting point of 660.3 °C because of the strong bonds between atoms. If it was to by processed without cryolite if would take too much electricity which would be a waste.
  • The metal is finally extracted; it can be cast and rolled. Sometimes other metals are added to it while it is molten in order to make alloys with useful properties.

Overall process

Mine bauxite – mix with cryolite – met by electrolysis- lower anodes into electrolysis – pass large electric current- tap off molten aluminium – replace carbon anodes


The final product (aluminium) is used in many industrials sectors. Some of them are transport, construction or even in the electrical sector. Aluminium can be used to make car engines, trucks and buses and also. But the uses don’t stop there; aluminium can also be used to make alloy sheets to wrap up food.

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Purification of iron from haematite

Key feature of the production process

Iron is extraction from its ore which is called haematite and this process often happens in a blast furnace  

  • Limestone is added to the haematite (iron ore) this causes a reaction with silica which is the impurities from the iron ore.
  • Then  this  reaction makes molten calcium silicate in the furnace which can be cold slag
  • The slag floats on the iron liquid
  • The iron ore is then heated with carbon to transform it to iron metal

Importance of physical ...

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