Resistance Investigation

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In this investigation I will attempt to find the relationship between voltage and resistance in a bulb using the equation: Resistance= Voltage/Current.

Resistance: Resistance is the force that acts against charged electrons as they attempt to make their way around a circuit. More resistance means that more energy is needed to push the same number of electrons around the circuit. Many factors determine the resistance of an object for from its length or its temperature. Resistance is measured in ohms (Ω). The formula for resistance is: R=V/I               

Voltage is the driving force of electrons; to measure voltage is to measure the potential difference of energy between the positive and negative terminals. Voltage is a measure of the amount of energy that you are providing per coulomb of charge therefore 1vote = 1 joule per coulomb*. Voltage is measured in Volts (V) The formula for voltage is: V= IR

Current: The current of a circuit is the rate at which the electrons flow through it. Current is measured in amps. The formula for finding current is I = Q/T where ‘Q’ is the charge passing at a certain point in the circuit measured in coulombs. Current is measured in amperes (A).


To do this I will carry out an experiment in which I will construct a bulb circuit with a voltmeter and an ammeter. Then, by passing a varying voltage across the bulb I will measure the current and, using Ohm’s law:  R=V/I, calculate the resistance.

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In this circuit the bulb is the resistor. The filament of a bulb is made purposely thin to enable it to resist the flow of electrons and glow.

I hope to obtain approximately six 6 results in this experiment, to do this I intend to vary the voltage in 1volt steps up to 6 volts. I will increase the voltage using the voltmeter.

To ensure that the experiment is as accurate as feasibly possible, I will obtain at least 2 sets of results and then document them and construct graphs using the average.

In this experiment, voltage is the independent ...

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