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Science at Work Research . Dulux Paints, a Hospital, a leisure centre and a GPs surgery.

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For this project I have sent a letter to each company, I have emailed 1 of the companies and visited 2 of the companies in order to help me with my research. Although not all companies gave me the relevant information, I also used the internet to help me fill in the missing gaps. Production Organisations The only product organisation I have chosen to do is Dulux. Dulux is a paint company. Dulux Customer Care Centre ICI Paints Wexham Road Slough SL2 5DS Tel: 08444 817 817 Dulux produce a wide range of different paints and products both interior and exterior to help you paint. Here are a few examples of what products they make. Paint Paint is any liquid liquefiable or mastic composition which after application to a substrate in a thin layer is converted to a solid film. Products made for interior: Paint pod: Paintpod roller system, Paintpod matt emulsion, Paintpod silk emulsion, Paintpod 2m extension tube, Paintpod extra reach handle, Paintpod roller sleeve, Paintpod dip tube, Paintpod edging brush, Paintpod spare parts Main Range: Matt, Natural hints matt, Feature wall matt, Soft sheen, Solid emulsions matt, Solid emulsions silk, Non-drip gloss, Satin wood, Professional liquid gloss, Pure brilliant white eggshell, Quick dry gloss, Quick dry satin wood, Tile paint, Cupboard paint. Exterior products: Products made for exterior: Main range: non-drip gloss, professional liquid gloss. ...read more.


They need to have a biology degree. For example if somebody were to come into A&E with a nail in there hand, they would have to use the biology in order to figure out the best treatment n how to go about getting the nail out. Would they just pull it out or would they operate? After deciding this they will need to sterilise the nail in order to stop the micro-organism infecting the wound. This is another form of science involved. After that if they choose to operate they will use anaesthetic. Although this may seem as if this is not using science it is. This is used to temporarily reduce sensation so that painful procedures or surgery can be performed. There are 2 types of anaesthetic: * General; makes the patient unconscious * Local; numbs the part of the body that would feel pain. So what is in anaesthetic? * Benzocaine * Dibucaine * Liudocaine * Tetracaine * Novocaine * Prilocaine * Mepivacaine * Bupivacaine * Articaine * Procaine Health and safety: As stated above manor hospital will also have health and safety regulations to help ensure nobody is put at risk, listed below are some examples of where health and safety will be used in the A&E: * They will ensure that when using needles or checking a patient they will use gloves, that are to be changed after every patient * They will ensure that all needles used are put into a container and only used on 1 person. ...read more.


ensure that a fire safety point is clearly situated * ensure that all fire alarms work Below are copies of the emails and letters sent to the companies in order to help me with my research? Letters: This is the letter that I used to send to all of the companies. I edited the letter in order for it to be suitable for the companies. Dear whom ever this may concern, My name is Jaymie lee Howard I am 17 years old and am currently at 6thform, I am studying applied science. At the moment we are currently doing organisations using science. I am using your company as part of my coursework and was hoping you could answer these questions for me in order to help me. I would like to ask you if you could please answer these questions for me. 1) What type of work takes place within your company? 2) What science is used to help make the products offered for service? 3) What health and safety constraints do you have? 4) Does everybody follow the health and safety act? It would really helpful if you could answer these questions for me as they are not displayed on the website. Thank you for your time, Yours sincerely, Jaymie-lee Howard I also used this layout for my emails. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jaymie - Lee Howard Page - 1 - 27/03/2012 Applied Science Unit G620 Science at work Mr Singh ...read more.

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