The aim of this experiment was to investigate whether or not certain foods contained the different food groups.

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Abstract – The aim of this experiment was to investigate whether or not certain foods contained the different food groups. If it turned black that meant it had starch, if it turned red that meant it had glucose, if it turned purple it meant it had protein and if it turned clear/transparent it had fat.

The equipment used was vegetable oil, pallet, pipette, starch, glucose, albumin, iodine solution, and Benedict’s solution and copper sulphate solution. The method was simple, mixing each type of food with the food group to see if it would change colour and if it contained this food group, for example if iodine was added to starch and its colour changed it will have contained iodine in it.

Introduction – All the processes of life require energy, and this energy comes from food groups. Carbohydrates provide energy for movement and this is made up of carbon, hydrogen and sugar. It is found in cereals and pasta. Proteins are used to assist growth and repair for the body it is made up of amino acids and is found in meat and fish. Fats are used to provide a concentrated source of energy and to insulate the body in cold temperatures. Saturated fats are obtained from animals such as meat; however polyunsaturated fat comes from vegetables. Vitamins are necessary in small amounts for growth however different vitamins have different functions; vitamin A is required to give good vision and it is from vegetables such as carrots. Vitamin B releases energy from food and it is obtained from milk and bread. Vitamin C gives healthy skin and this is from oranges and other fruits. Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium and this comes from margarine and oily fish.

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The digestive system has two main functions, one of them is to convert food into nutrients in what the body requires, the other functions is to remove any waste which may be in the body.

Method - Starch test: First collect the food sample (liquid) and add a few drops of iodine solution (yellow/brown) and then check if the colour changes from yellow/brown to blue black ink then it will contain starch.

Fat test: We collected the food sample and we put it on a piece of paper and if it went through it contains fat.

Protein test: After we ...

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