The effect of alcohol on the stability of cell membranes-plan for an experiment.

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Effect of alcohol on plant cell membranes-Introduction/Planning


The aim of this investigation was to investigate as well as analyze the effects different types of alcohol has on the stability of cell membranes (the membranes of potatoes and beetroot).


This investigation carries a high level of importance as well as relevance to humans in general, in other words it relates to society and our lifestyles, in relation to alcohol. As proven continuously, scientifically (generally) as well as socially, alcohols are dangerous to us living organisms. But with this being said, if one was to look on a deeper level one will find that alcohol is highly dangerous to living organisms due to the damage they inflict on cellular membranes. This causing a chain reaction of damage, due to the fact that, damage to a cell membrane means the content within that cells is exposed and pours out of that cell, in tern killing the cell.

With the use of the example being used within this investigation within the beetroot plants, the vacuole consists-along with other a water-soluble red pigment, known as betacyanin, which provides the beetroot its color. If and when for any reason the tonoplast is damaged, the various parts of the vacuole will leak out into the surrounding environment. The sharpness of the red color within the environment must be similar to the amount of cellular damage of which the beetroot has gained. This experiment enables me to test the effect of three very different alcohols (methanol, ethanol, as well as 1-propanol) on cell membranes. These alcohols are found within alcoholic beverages of which are taken in social environment. It has been seen on numerous occasions the way alcohol affects people on a physical level, however, as to be proven within this investigation, there is a more cellular damage done within the body, and the continuous damage on a cellular level is what consequentially results in bigger organ damage and the formation of various disease- for example liver disease. Again this investigation is going to help one truly understand as well as acknowledge exactly what effect alcohol has on plants as well as on humans.



Cell membranes cover the surface of every living cell, they surround majority of cell organelles. The membrane creates an intricate network in the cytoplasm.

Cell membranes are well known for having a highly complex structure of which allow them to undertake a host of vital function. Thanks to modern day techniques such as electron microscopes allows us to see how and why these membranes carry out these functions.

A eukaryotic cell (of which is a cell with a nucleus) despite it having a plasma membrane as its external boundary it consists of various  membranes of which divide the space within the cell, into different compartments, this therefore separating various processes as well as cell components. The complexity of cell membranes provides them the helpful properties of which enable them to carry out specific functions of which are required by various forms of cells.

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One of the very important properties of which membranes possess is their selective permeability. This allows certain molecules as well as ions to pass freely through the membrane, with this said, this eliminates other molecules from doing so. Acknowledging the complex structure as well as properties of a cell membrane is highly detriment in order to understand how cells function.

Despite the technicalities of a cell membranes configuration as well as structure varies based on its particular functions, all membranes are constructed of mainly proteins as well as lipids, in a structure known as a lipid bilayer.

The lipid bilayer ...

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