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The Effect of Enzyme Concentration on Enzyme Activity

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Amy Bowring The Effect of Enzyme Concentration on Enzyme Activity Aim: To investigate the effect of a change in enzyme concentration on activity of that enzyme. The Pancreas produces enzymes through the pancreatic duct to the small intestine which help digest our food. In people who have cystic fibrosis, the pancreatic duct frequently becomes blocked restricting these enzymes. The aim of this investigation is to investigate the effect of a reduction in enzyme concentration on the rate of reaction. In this case the breakdown of protein by protease enzymes. The independent variable will be a pepsin enzyme concentration which will decrease from 5% to 1%. This is how the enzyme concentration will be reduced. ...read more.


Hypothesis: I believe that as the concentration of enzyme decreases, the rate of reaction will also decrease. This is because there are fewer enzymes to react with the substrate. However if there is too much enzyme the rate will not necessarily continue to increase, it will plateau. This is because eventually all the substrate has enzyme to react with and anymore will have no effect as it has nothing to act on. Apparatus: * Funnel * Pipettes * 2 Stop Clocks * Test Tubes * Spatula * 2 150cm3 beaker * 75g of 2.0% gelatine solution (fully set) * pH 2.8 buffer * Pepsin solution (5%) * Glassware for diluting enzyme Method: * Suspend funnel over an empty beaker. ...read more.


77 132 99.2 2 118 155 245 37 126 241 153.7 1 94 241 336 32 332 207.0 Graphs: Conclusion: My results support my hypothesis that as the concentration of enzyme decreases, the rate of reaction will also decrease. My results appear fairly reliable and my experiment was repeated 6 times and an average was taken at the end. However each experiment was repeated by six different group so some of the controlled variables may have been controlled differently, eg, the way the gelatine jelly and enzyme are mixed. However this has not seemed to have effected the experiment too much. One problem I encountered was that the original funnel I used was too wide and the mixture just slipped right through each time. I simply corrected this my using a thinner funnel. ...read more.

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