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The general formula is CnH2n+2. This is the formula for any number of carbons._______________________________________________________________Alkenes

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Aliphatic Organic Molecules Organic molecules are based on carbon, therefore the core of the element contains carbon, though unlike benzine they don't contain carbon rings. Alternatively organic molecules were divided depending on the smell they gave off. One group was called Aramaic, which tended give off a 'nice' smell, and the other was called aliphatic, which tended to give off a 'bad' smell. This is where the organic molecules get the name aliphatic. _______________________________________________________________ Why Does Carbon Form Lots of Stable Compounds? One thing carbon does to magnify its stability is bong with itself, which doubles it in strenght. Another major reason is the fact that it forms chains really easy also adding to the fact that it has lots of stale compunds. Finally, the C-C bond is extremely stable as you will see in the table below where I will compare it to other bonds and see which bond has the highest bond energy. ...read more.


So alkenes are carbon compounds with a double bond. here are some examples in the table below. No. Name Fornula Picture 1 - - - 2 Ethene C2 H4 3 Propene C3 H6 4 Butene C4 H8 5 Pentene C5 H10 I carried out an investigation to do with alkenes and alkanes. My aim was to find out What (if there is one) difference there is in the reactions of the alkanes and alkenes mixed with the same substance. Method: I added cyclohexane(alkane) with bromine and I repeated the experiment with cyclohexene(alkene). At the end of it all the cyclohexane remained brown but the cyclohexene went clear. This shows that the alkenes such as cyclohexene have a double bond in them. What hapeneind is the bromine broke one of the bonds of the cyclohexene and changed place with the broken bond, which caused the colour to go clear. ...read more.


A prime example is carbon. Carbon form 4 bonds all the time and is always 3D. The way it looks is; Stereo isomers are arranged differently around the carbon. This only occurs when you have 4 different atoms around the carbon atom. These are 2 different molecules with different reactions. _______________________________________________________________ Geometric Isomers The two terms that are frequently used in these types of isomers are CIS and TRANS. CIS = When Cl is next to each other TRANS = When Cl goes across Cis - 1,2 - dichloroethene Trans - 1,2 - dichloroethene In these types of reactions there is no rotation between the double bond. This is because it is stable which means they are different molecules but have the same atoms. _______________________________________________________________ Functional Groups Here are the main functional groups Name Symbol Example Name Of The Example Addition Notes Alkene Ethene Alcohol Ethanol Dissolves in water Carboxylic Acid Etherneric Acid (viniger) Amine Methyl-amine They are all alkanlines Ester Ethylethanoate Amide Aldehyde Ethanal Ketone Propane ...read more.

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