The lymphatic system during ill health

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Medical Definition of ill–health 

  1. :  a condition of inferior health in which some disease or impairment of function is present but is usually not as serious in terms of curtailing activity as an illness elderly parents who are in ill–health and need their financial and personal help

Normal and ill health

The lymphatic system during normal health

  • The lymphatic system transports lymph around the body via the lymph vessels.
  • Lymph leaks out of the blood vessels
  • Accumulates in the spaces between the cells of body tissues.
  • Microorganisms are neutralised
  • Destroyed in the lymph nodes by white blood cells.
  • The lymph nodes are not swollen like how they do be whilst the body is fighting an infection
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  • All sinuses are clear, however in the nose there is still mucus lining it to trap foreign particles from the air.
  • There are no extra white blood cells being produced because there are no pathogens invading the body.
  •  The immune system keeps all B-memory and memory T-cells stored away for when the body is infected again.
  • During the time of which the immune system is healthy,
  •  B-memory cells are still being reproduced so they can over come the pathogens as soon as possible: before lymph nodes start to swell.
  • Collects fat from the digestive system
  • Allows white blood ...

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