Analysing my media diet

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Omar Jundi

Media Studies Coursework


In this assignment I will be analysing my media diet and discussing the media products I consume.

I am doing this because I want to analyse the amount of media products I consume in one day, the range of media products I use and how the media affects me.

My favourite media appliance is the radio; because I like music and radio is good as a secondary medium i.e. it can be on in the background while I do my homework, while it is difficult to do your homework at the same time as watching television, because it grabs too much of your attention, which makes it a primary medium. Other media appliances I own include a PC, a games console and a modem.

Stage 1

Product Title Reason

TV Programme

The Simpsons




Crouching Tiger:

Hidden Dragon

Good Special



Radio Show

Chris Moyles Show

Quick humour


Music CD


Daft Punk

Best album

I've heard


TV Programme

Family Guy

Good Comedy




Fight Sequences


TV Programme

Trigger Happy TV

Great Pranks


TV Programme

Big Brother

Reality TV


Radio Show

Mark & Lard Show

Their Comedy


Music CD

Reveal: REM

Good album

Stage 2

My favourite media product is The Simpsons, an American cartoon comedy on television. It was first shown in 1989, and has been on non-stop ever since.

I like it because it is sarcastic and views the world from a totally new angle.

It is one of the most popular TV shows of all time, and the lead character, Homer Simpson, was recently voted the greatest TV character of all time.

I think I consume this product because it is a good form of escape or diversion and it takes my mind off anything because it takes my primary attention.

Crouching Tiger: Hidden Dragon is a Japanese movie released in the year 2000. It is a Marshall arts movie, with the best special effects I have ever seen. It won four Oscars and was thought by some to be the best film of the year. It is a shame that it was so poorly advertised in the UK, and most people I know have never even heard of the film, let alone seen it.
Join now!

I saw it at the cinema, so it took my primary attention, as there was nothing else to take away my attention, except for my popcorn.

My third favourite media product is The Chris Moyles Comedy Show on Radio One. It is a very popular show with 6.5 million listeners across the UK. It features the main presenter, Chris Moyles, his assistant, Comedy Dave, Thin Lizzie and Producer Will.

It is a comedy show, and provides a diversion and is an opportunity to enjoy a relationship with other people, which are two of the four reasons ...

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