Assess the influence of social policies on the family.

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Assess the influence of social policies on the family (24 Mark)

Different social policies have influences on the family in different ways, one social policy is maternity and paternity leave, currently women get 26 weeks maternity leave where as men get 2 weeks paternity leave. This shows an unequal balance between men and women, this then portrays the idea that women should be at home looking after the children for longer and the men should be out working. This policy reinforces the ideology of the patriarchal nuclear family, it puts forward that men are the head of the family, they should be out working while the women take on the child care. Feminists disagree with the difference as this puts men and women on an unequal level, feminists belive that they should all be equal so by giving women a larger time to be at home looking after the children influences the family.

A lot of families receive child benefits, it has been seen by the government that for poorer families it is an incentive to have more children as the more they have the more money they are given. The conservative government have put a cap on child benefits at £26.000 as they are trying to limit the number of children in poorer families, murray saw the trend of children in poorer families and how much money they receive and in order to reduce children in poverty they cap it so families cannot claim on benefits. The New Right see's any benefits as a peverse incentive to do what they need to to claim on the benfits, but this would then push a lot of families into poverty.

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Marriage tax breaks are awarded to couples who stay married, this was suggested by the conservative party as it shows an incentive to get married and stay married, this would then normaly follow on to having children. The tax break consists of claiming £150 for staying married. The tax break shows that polititians see the nuclear family as the ideal family as they create incentives to create this.

The child support agency chase up absent fathers for maintenace money for the child and mother, the new right think that this would then encourage fathers to be ...

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