Assess the pluralists view on media ownership

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Assess the pluralists view on media ownership

The majority of the pluralists would argue that the public have the power to resist the media and have the ability to use the media and have an input (air their views) rather than be controlled by the media. They also believe that we can affect the media because we live in a “democracy” thus enabling us to choose whether we decide to read a paper or watch the BBC news and therefore have a minority influence. To some extent pluralists believe that the media responds to public demand rather than the public responding to media demands [by this I mean if the public want to know about a certain story then the media is likely to provide a story, however it can be argued that the media decides the stories and the public responds by reviewing the media therefore they are supporting the media financially]and it can be argued that the media can be used to satisfy human needs such as entertainment (the Sun), information (BBC news) etc. With that in mind it could be argued that the media does not use the interests of the capitalists [right wing] as other theories such as Marxists would argue.

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With pluralists believing in a democracy they believe that anyone can change what they want and if linked to the media, the public can air their views whenever they want to. However through another theory Marxism it can be argued that even if someone from the working class can express their view, there will always be someone higher up than that person (bourgeoisies) who will have more power, control and influence on what is expressed in the media. Without a great deal of cash it’s also harder for proletariats to sustain an opinion in the media without having the ...

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