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Assess the view that the modern education system is meritocratic.

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Assess the view that the modern education system is meritocratic. A meritocracy means a fair system where pupils will achieve success on the basis of their own efforts and ability. This view sees education as a system where the most talented and hard working will succeed. According to Item A, structural theorists have competing views as to whether education is meritocratic. The view held by Functionalists is that the education system performs an essential role in the selection process of people into appropriate roles in the economy. Parsons and Davis and Moore all saw education as meritocratic. ...read more.


However, the education system, like the world of work is based on 'universalistic' values and the status is achieved. However, not all Functionalists share this view. Tumin said that Davis and Moore's work was too simplistic because there was no way of measuring the functional importance or particular jobs. Other structural theorists like Marxists see education as 'reproducing social inequality' (Item A) and reject the view that education is a meritocracy. They see that education really functions in the interest of the ruling class, Althusser saw education as an Ideological State Apparatus, which legitimates class inequality in society. ...read more.


He argued that the education system prepared working class kids for working class jobs, thus proving that we are not living in a meritocratic society. A recent report by the Rowntree Trust showed that far from there being greater equality in society, children - especially boys - from poorer backgrounds, were doing worse than before. This clearly shows that the Functionalists were wrong in their views. Recent evidence also shows that increasing numbers of successful professionals like lawyers, MPs, judges etc, generally come from Oxbridge and top public schools. Overall, we can see that the system is a long way from being meritocratic and still today the wealthier your background the more likely you are to succeed. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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