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Asylum Seekers - Tabloid lies blur the issue and divide the working class.

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Asylum Seekers TABLOID LIES BLUR THE ISSUE AND DIVIDE THE WORKING CLASS The Refugee Issue has become controversial. The people of Scotland are worried about the state of national and local services. They worry about what effect asylum seekers entering Scottish communities will have.There have also been a significant number of tabloid myths which have stirred up a debate based on lies and deception rather than on human rights, justice and fairness. Many tabloid articles refer to "bogus refugees", "economic migrants who are a drain on services", and suggest that refugees "just walk in and get everything given to them". It's little wonder then that Sighthill in Glasgow was the location of racist attacks. Sighthill is the tenth poorest area in the whole of the UK, and has been consistently neglected by successive Governments. The rise of a number of tyrants and dictators throughout the World (many of whom have been armed by successive UK and US governments) is a tragedy. That the victims of horrific human rights violations should be dismissed by the media as liars, fraudsters and spongers is shameful beyond words. ...read more.


- 32% lower than the previous quarter * Tony Blair is committed to halving the numbers by September 2003 * The most applications came from (in descending order): Iraq, Somalia and Zimbabwe * 10% of asylum seekers granted asylum and 24% given exceptional leave to remain in 2002. So, two thirds of all applications are rejected * Britain now has more applications than any other country, Germany is second and the USA is third Asylum applications during 1997-2001: Year Principal applicants Estimated no. inc. dependents Source 2001 71,700 92,000 HOSB 9/02 2000 80,315 98,900 HOSB 17/01 1999 71,100 91,200 HOSB 17/00 1998 46,000 58,500 HOSB 10/99 1997 32,500 41,500 HOSB 14/98 EU asylum applications per 1000 population in 2001: Austria 30,100 3.7 Belgium* 28,000 2.7 Ireland 10,300 2.7 Sweden 23,500 2.6 Denmark 12,400 2.3 Netherlands 32,600 2.0 Luxembourg 700 1.5 UK* 92,000 1.5 Germany 88,300 1.1 France* 53,900 0.9 Finland 1,700 0.3 Spain 9,200 0.2 Italy 9,600 0.2 Portugal 200 0.0 Greece 5,500 0.5 Total EU 397,900 1.1 All data provisional and rounded to the nearest 100. * Figures adjusted to include an estimated number of dependants. ...read more.


Asylum seekers are, however, increasingly likely to be victims of crime in the UK. There have been countless attacks on asylum seekers, including the murders of Firsat Dag in Glasgow in 2001 and Peyman Bahmani in Sunderland in 2002. MYTH: ASYLUM SEEKERS ARE DRAINING OUR PUBLIC SERVICES AND TAKING OUR JOBS AND HOUSES TRUTH: Asylum seekers have a right to public services such as the NHS, as do residents and visitors to the UK. Far from being a drain on public services, A recent Home Office report shows that people born outside the UK, including asylum seekers, contribute 10% more to the economy in taxes and national insurance than they consume in benefits and public services. The UK relies heavily on foreign labour. 23% of doctors and 47% of nurses in the NHS were born outside the UK, for example. Many asylum seekers in the UK are professional, educated people and bring with them experience, talent and language skills. Despite this, they are prevented from working and supporting themselves and are forced to depend on the state. Asylum seekers are often forced to live in poor quality housing. They are not allowed to choose the location of their accommodation and many face isolation and racial harassment in dispersal areas. ...read more.

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