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Boys underachievement in Education

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Hypothesis/Aim My hypothesis is 'Boys underachieve in education due to laddish behaviour'. This subject is important for me as I see 'laddish' behaviour in most of my days at sixth form. Its also important as no one knows why boys underachieve so doing this study will help me understand why they do. Another reason for me choosing this area of study is because there is great concern over boy's achievement which show sit is an important area to indentify the reasons for why this is happening in education. Wastage of talents is a big concern for schools currently as so many boys are talented but are scared to do well in case they don't seem 'cool'. (115 words) Context and Concepts My first concept is 'achievement'; this is to succeed in doing or producing something. This is relevant to my hypothesis because I'm trying to find out by boys achievement is low. My second concept is 'laddish behaviour'. This is because I feel this is the reason for boys underachieving as stated in my hypothesis. This concept is important to my study as it's the factor that will essentially be proven or disproven. ...read more.


Interpretivists see the world from their point of view and I have chosen this because I can get feelings from them. My proposed method in conducting my study will be to use unstructured interviews. I am using this method because this type of interview gives the interviewee a comfortable relationship with interviewer with would lead to more open answers. I will pick a group of boys from a year 9 class and interview them about there subjects and interview their teachers about them and their achievement, I will then do the same in yr 11, so see if they have improved in their achievement. I will get qualitative data as this will be rich, descriptive data. I have chosen this because it's more personal and gives in-depth feelings and meanings which relates to my interviews. It's also more personal which the approach I want in my interviews is. However one down side to it is that it isn't measurable and also that it is subjective, however I still feel this is the best choice. Within my qualitative data I have chosen to use primary data. ...read more.


I may also have an interviewer bias as my interviewees could bend the teachers and lads into saying what they think before the interview takes place, also when tape recorders are listened too the information could be miss interpreted. In my quota sample I am only sampling lads from one school so this could be a down fall as it's not a full representative. Using 2 or more schools from different areas would have been more sufficient. When I get my sample it is the school that gives it too me, they may give me students that make their school look good, which would give a sample bias which wouldn't help my study. A problem I have with the operationalise of my concept of 'Achievement' through GCSE and SATS results is that in the space of the 2 years between them the boys could have had family issues or other problems outside or inside school such as bullying, death, divorce which could therefore affect their results. A problem with the operationalise of my second concept is that it is sometimes hard to distinguish between laddish behaviour and other forms of behaviour, so this concept cannot be measured fully enough. (301 words) ?? ?? ?? ?? Alice Tripp Sociology Coursework ...read more.

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