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                                                                  BTEC NATIONAL LEVEL 3                UNIT 3 CITIZENSHIP, DIVERSITY AND THE PUBLIC SERVICES        P2   Integration: immigrants are coming from a wider range of countries, for a wider range of reasons (work, family, study and asylum) and are staying for more varied amounts of time than before. This  research  aims to provide a comprehensive picture of new immigrants – their location in the UK, their countries of origin, their routes of entry, their feelings of belonging and Britishness, and their socio-economic performance – with a view to identifying policy priorities based on sound evidence. Mapping new immigrant communities which used Census and Labour Force Survey data to provide detailed analysis of Britain’s new immigrant communities – defined as those who have arrived since 1990 – from over 50 countries and regions. Beyond Black and White presents(BBC) a comprehensive picture of where immigrants live and work, and profiles their education, earnings, age and gender. In a speech in Tooting, South London, Ed Miliband  set out a One Nation approach to cultural diversity and integration in Britain. Reflecting on Britain’s success, and shared sense of achievement and pride at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games – highlighting Mo Farah’s momentous victories and his pride in representing Britain – Ed Miliband described the strength of Britain’s diversity. He argued that One Nation doesn’t mean one identity – and that people can be proudly, patriotically British without losing their cultural roots.He also stated that Britain must always control its borders and that universal proficiency in the English language must be part of the One Nation ideal, and called for a comprehensive strategy for integration, as has been adopted in many other European countries. Tolerance: The Queen has appealed for tolerance and understanding between cultural and religious groups in Britain's diverse society. She said religions were often in the news as "sources of difference and conflict", whereas they all bore messages of tolerance and respect. She also pointed out that diversity was strength, not a threat". The Queen's speech, with footage of her visits to cultural centres, was warmly welcomed by religious leader. Tolerance it’s a pernicious meme and a hypocritical one in cases, to be really tolerant, you would have to tolerate all kinds of beliefs: racism, big government, prohibition, and or course intolerance. No, when people say they are in tolerance they usually mean that they are against other people imposing their beliefs on them and that
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they’re willing to do the same in a limited way in return. In a “limited” way because it is the rare tolerant person who will stand by and not give an intolerant one a lecture on tolerance, or at least mumble something to passers-by after the offender has departed. This passive-aggressive stance of tolerance stems from an unwillingness to take a stand. I believe there are certain memes that deserve spreading throughout society. One of them is consciousness, and I take every chance to impose that belief on others through my writing and speaking. Another is opportunity, is technological progress, ...

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