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can the media be blamed for violence in the media today

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Can the media be blamed for violence in society today? "Life is like a video game, you gotta die sometime." Spoken by the killer behind the Montreal incident, a lawyer said he used video games to train himself for the incidents. This is the possible manifestation caused by computer game rated as safe for teens, then society is creating a violent generation. What we must realise is that the media isn't completely to blame, these violent games reflect what gamers want, they make a conscious decision to choose a game. The games companies however make it a lot more attractive to the public, games like grand theft auto caused such controversy that it gained plenty of publicity and the public are offered "forbidden fruit" and these games must become more violent and controversial to continually offer this "forbidden fruit" . It is natural for humans to join in groups it is a primitive survival mechanism, this can be linked to peer pressure, when under difficult circumstances young men will join gangs in order survive. This often occurs in ghettoised areas where it's extremely rough and in order survive you must join a gang, in these gangs there are often young children who grow in a violent environment. ...read more.


These days juries will not accept the media as the blame for a youth's violent act, they will look to the youth's background and their parents. A child's upbringing is key into how the child will eventually turn out as they are easily traumatised and emotionally scarred and this can have repercussions in the future. As a teenager you become more mature and realise the consequences of your action, when they see a violent computer game they make a choice on whether they like it, this can be affected by advertising but not so much, however they are making a conscious decisions on whether they would like to play a violent game. Though they can also be attracted by what they cannot have, for example a thirteen year old boy wants a game designed for over eighteens, as well as that there is a element of peer pressure, if all their friends has their game they will want to be part of the group. Yet in the end it is their choice. While not yet scientifically proven it is believed there are genes that dictate your personality of whether you are good or evil, people have been born with violent tendencies, or grown up to become rapists and murders. ...read more.


Other test have shown that exposure to violence causes greater willingness to administer pain to others. Violence in the media acts as a stimulus to cause violent behaviour in people has been proven in scientific study, yet people's beliefs that censorship shouldn't be too tightly controlled as it's an invasion on the rights, this is rife in America. This is contradicted by Japan which has significantly lower murder rate than most western countries, yet has some of the most violent imagery in the media in the world. The media cannot be blamed directly for violence in society as it is the access that children are allowed that causes the media induced violence. The media does however do little to prevent violence being shown on television or in video games, it in fact escalates the problem of violence. In conclusion I believe that it is a person's environment that dictates whether a person will grow up to become a violent person, the social problems that cause this however are not helped by the media which has escalated the problem beyond control. In the next few years will be seeing the affect of media and social violence on the current generation and based on events in current affairs a dystopian society looks likely where violent youths of today who rule the streets become violent adults. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ross Taylor RMG - H 26-09-06 ...read more.

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