Cold As Dice

        Int. School cafeteria – Day

There’s still ten minutes before class starts.  A short brown haired teen with a buzz cut named JAMIE is tapping into one of his habits.  He and an acquaintance named ROB, a kind of funny looking fellow were gambling.  The game was craps; roll seven or eleven before the other guy.  Jamie loses his last five-dollar bill, and contemplates how to make his cash back.  He suddenly notices the bracelet on his arm and the chain on his neck.  Jamie knows his girl would kill him if he lost or she found out in general.  But he figured he would win.  He called a double or nothing on the jewelry, as he picked up the dice.  He shook and rolled snake eyes (Which meant he lost automatically).  Rob puts on his new accessories as he packed up and left for class laughing.  The bell rang, but Jamie sat silent in the cafeteria, thinking about what to do.  He was silent until the P.A came on to remind students of the unicef fundraiser.  After the announcement he smiled, grabbed his bag and left.  

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        Int. School hallway– Day

Rob stops at his locker, which he shares with his girlfriend MARY.  He tossed the bracelet in because it didn’t look good with his ensemble.  He was rushing for class as he closed the locker and ran down the hall.  Mary suddenly walked around the corner, as she was on her off block.  Rob nonchalantly hugged and continued to rush.  She was a little ticked, so she went to get her juice from her locker.  When she opened the locker, the bracelet fell to the floor.  She picked it up and read the inscription, which read ...

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