Comparison Of Marxist And Functionalist Views On Education

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Comparison Of Marxist And Functionalist Perspectives On Education

Education is important in society; the structure and processes of education systems are related to the general process of socialization. All sociologists agree with this statement, but different sociologists have many views about how societies are structured, they have different views about the role of education in society.

The Marxist perspective tries to explain everything about an area it has identified, such as education. It tries to look for correlation in certain field of data, to explain and understand the reasons for how things are how they are. A Marxist perspective on school would state that it was constructed and built upon the principle of a hierarchy. Hierarchy is a key idea in Marxism, as it is a structuralist perspective. The teachers are seen as in charge and the students follow any instructions put by teachers. Marxist views would also state that education is a system of social inequality, meaning that not everyone passes, schools justify this by saying that the inequality it produces is just and reasonable, and the students who have received high grades deserve them.

The Functionalist perspective looks at Education as a type of sorting station in which students undergo thorough training and testing so that they are given their appropriate place in society, this all depends on how well they perform in exams. Functionalists also take into account that many societies come from a variety of national and cultural backgrounds.

The functionalist view also says that western society based schools give awards on the basis of the individual ability, talent effort etc. The Marxist view on the other hand states that the students are awarded on their ability to conform as part of the 'hidden curriculum'.
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What is referred to, as the 'hidden curriculum' is the teaching of children in schools to conform to rules, and to learn to accept authority and the need for punctuality. The 'hidden curriculum' is taught in all schools but is not something, which is standardized, i.e. like subject exams. But the 'hidden curriculum' can be partly formal, e.g. rules.

In all perspectives, schools are seen as social institutions, but these perspectives all have different ideas on how they socialize people and for what reasons. At first glance Marxist and Functionalist views seem very similar, this is because ...

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This essay describes the basic differences between Marxism & Feminism well but at times lacks the key researcher or key term to back up the point being made. Some of the essay is strong but the criticisms and overall conclusions need more detail. Overall Mark: ***