Criminal Statistics.

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Criminal statistics are the records of crime committed which is

Recorded by the police and is compiled by the police used.

This Statistical data allows the Police Department a view of crime

Trends, criminal conduct, and acts as a tool for crime Analysis purposes.

These statistics allows the Police department to predict

and plan, they provide a Perspectives as to certain offences and

certain neighbourhoods in which criminal behaviour occurs.

Although Statistics assist in identifying criminal conduct they alone

are not the sole determining factor for predicting the City’s public safety

needs and to discover is crime cutting down as some of this may not be

true this is due because only a small proportion of crimes are reported to

the police for example someone wouldn’t report it to the police because

its too embarrassing or too trivial etc…. The difference between official

statistic of crime and what actually occurs is known as the dark figure.  

There are three stages in compiling official statistics.

  • The reporting of crime - for the police to know a crime has been committed somebody has to tell them and not all crimes are reported.

  • The recording of crime – even if the police have been informed that a crime has been committed by a member of the public, they may not decide to record it.

  • The activities of the police – apart from the public making complaints, the only other way those crimes are reported or recorded is the police force itself.  

There are also hidden crimes which consists of three type of overlapping offences;                                        

  • WHITE COLLAR CRIME- where the employee uses his or her positioning a company to steal.

  • FRAUD- where money is obtained by deception of some kind

  • CORPORATE CRIME- the routine abuse of the law by companies in order to make greater profit.

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The police may view that white collar crime and corporate crime are not really as important as street crimes so it is usually not recorded because they are said to be victimless crime.


These are the main points I will be looking for my primary research AGE, GENDER, CLASS, ETHNICITY AND LOCATION.  

From the secondary source I have compiled it is said that young people are far more likely to commit crime than any other group, the explanations are usually based on this age as a period of risk and experimentation linked to weak social control.


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