Describe law and order in the late nineteenth century England?

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Describe law and order in the late nineteenth century England

At the start of the nineteenth century the enforcement of law and order was the same in England has it had been in the middle ages. The main people in charge of law and order were the Justices of Peace who were chosen by the King. Constables and watchmen helped the Justices of Peace but when serious problems occurred, the government would summon the army.                                         However, as Britain’s population rapidly increased so did the crimes that were being committed and law and order was under constant threat. The growing cities were becoming dangerous places. Many people had to live in slum housing. Some of them were unemployed, had little to eat and had not received any education. Therefore many people turned to crime. The Peterloo Massacre highlighted the need for a preventative police. The Peterloo Massacre of ,  was the result of a  charge into the crowd at a public meeting at , Manchester. Eleven people were killed and over 500, including many women and children, were injured.

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Sir Robert Peel, the acting Home Secretary in 1829, founded the Metropolitan Police Force. The Metropolitan Police Force was the 3rd police force established in Britain and still exists today. Sir Robert Peel, set-up the Metropolitan Police Force to reduce the amount of criminal activity in London. The areas between Fleet Street and the Thames for example were notorious for crimes such as muggings and murders, so nobody dared go out in to the crooked lanes after sunset.

During the late nineteenth century punishment in England changed as people began to believe that a criminal should be reformed rather than ...

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