Examine the factors that influence a sociologist choice of research method

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Examine the factors that influence a sociologist choice of research method

  They are various ways and methods sociologists use to research on society. These can come as a quantitative research method or it could come as a qualitative research methods.

  Firstly, I would begin by annotating the meaning behind the words, qualitative and quantitative. Quantitative methods are basically used by people that support the use of scientific investigation. Its usually includes numerical statistical methods. Its purpose is to expand and utilize mathematical techniques, conjecture and hypotheses.

  In contrast to this we got the qualitative research methods. This is usually used by sociologist that supports the use of humanistic research. In contrast to quantitative methods, qualitative research methods depend on the in depth reasons behind the way some people in society behave. In a qualitative method they are more prone to ask questions asking, ‘why?’ or ‘how?’ compared to a quantitative data which would more likely ask more straight forward questions like, ‘what?’ or ‘where’.

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In qualitative methods the research usually focuses on small samples instead of in the case of quantitative research whereas focus lacks and the methods usually inhabits a larger, random samples. Unlike a quantitative method where the research depends restrictedly on the investigation of arithmetical or quantifiable statistics, data from qualitative research comes in many medium e.g. moving images, text or sound.

Qualitative research was first recognised in the 1970s.

  Examples of Qualitative data are participant observation, direct observation, unstructured interviews, case studies e.c.t, e.c.t.

  Examples of Quantitative data are questionnaires, surveys, attitude scales or standardised tests.

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