Explain and briefly evaluate the view that class identities are created during primary socialisation.

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Explain and briefly evaluate the view that class identities are created during primary socialisation? (24)The concept ‘class identity’ refers to an individual’s position in society based upon wealth, employment, materialism and education. Each of these assets contributes to determine one’s socioeconomic status.     The contemporary UK arguably consists of four predominant classes: the underclass, the working class, the middle ‘classes’ and finally, the upper class. Each class consists of certain qualities which ultimately define an individual or even a family to that particular class; these qualities often consist of norms and values, accents as well as culture. The family is important in applying a child with manners, as these are often varied between classes and help to distinguish which class an individual belongs to, along with the consideration of vocabulary. Primary socialisation refers to the earliest childhood years, before secondary socialisation, where children interpret their first understanding of life based upon the support around them at this crucial stage in development. The early stages in life are the hugest influence on culture, as what individuals are witnessed to from birth becomes what they are familiar with. An example of this
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is how upper classes are associated with high culture, whilst popular culture is considered more common. Additionally, high culture, including institutions such as opera, often consist of people with a familiar, acquired taste for such leisure. The family is arguably the most critical institution of primary socialisation, as functionalist Parsons argues that one of the main functions of the family is to provide warmth and security to provide the consensus values which society depends upon. If we apply Parson’s ideology that the family is independently the most vital provider of socialisation, we can evaluate the extent in which the family ...

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