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Lone parent families dysfunctional ?

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Assess the views that Lone Parent families are dysfunctional. 'The percentage of single parent families has increased in the last decade as a result of an increasing divorce rate and changing social attitudes' There are an estimated 1.75million one-parent families in Britain, which is nearly a quarter of all families, followed by having ninety per cent of lone parents being women's and more than half of Lone-parent families live below the poverty line. Now consider the impacts on a child's behavior and social attitude towards life within this institution of 'Single Parenting'. Many sociologists such as Peter Townsend would believe that lone parent families are the result of an ineffective welfare system. ...read more.


However this isn't true and causes Labeling which then may result in self fulfilling prophecy which then causes more troubles with their housing and communicating with them because of the negative stereotypes. Single parenting may be seen with an open view such as an escape from Domestic Violence which would have had other severe disadvantages to an empty shell marriage. This ideology is supported by Phoenix and Cashmore that it's often preferable for a child to live with one caring parent than having a nuclear family who are in conflict with each other and may scapegoat the child, eventually in their view 'Lone Parenting' is not seen as a negative aspect in all situations. ...read more.


This is then again criticized by Professor Kamp Dush, who stated "we can't say for sure that marriage will be a good thing for the children of single mothers, particularly if that marriage is unhealthy and does not last." So much for Swalm's idea that two parents are always better than one. Taking into evaluation a Lone parent family has the potential to become dysfunctional; these include the chances of the parent having to work and putting time with child care which isn't realistic for young children. However if the lone parent is financially supported, by whomever which could be the father who does not show any sign of prudence for the family or is not emotionally ready for a child but can financially support them, then this type of family is as norm as a nuclear family in society. ...read more.

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