Feral children

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Feral children

A feral child is a child who has grown up with none or if any, very little contact with humans. This would mean that the child has not been socialised to learn the norms and values of a human society. Feral children are usually the product of neglect , abandonment , isolation and in some cases even abuse .

In some cases the children in concern have been raised by animals (dogs in particular). Because of this upbringing the child adapts the behaviour of an animal. An example of this is Oxana. Oxana spend a large amount of her childhood surrounded by dogs, during the time Oxana spent with the dogs she began to develop characteristics which were more like the dogs rather than a human. Instead of walking on two feet like a human would, Oxana crawled on her hands and knees .Because Oxana had very little human contact she hadn’t learnt language so she communicated in barks and growls .

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Another example of this is Victor ‘ The wild boy of Aveyron ’ , Victor was one of  the first studied feral children , he was found in france 1799 whilst foraging for roots in the woods. Victor was taken to Paris and taken into the care of Dr . Itard . Like Oxana , Victor behaved like the animals which he was adopted by and spoke only in large shrill cries and often tried to escape.

These cases are proof that our parents/guardians play a major role during the crucial learning stages in a persons childhood, as ...

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