In the piece of writing With No Boys To Ogle, We Had Time to Learn, by Christine Flowers she reveals her encounter of attending a singlesex school

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‘With no boys to ogle, we had time to learn’ critique:

In the piece of writing “With No Boys To Ogle, We Had Time to Learn”, by Christine Flowers. The reader reveals her encounter of attending a single-sex school and values it had. According to Flowers, that students in a single-sexed school are less distracted and can therefore focus more on education, which in return delivers a highly prosperous student.

To begin with, schools can be organized into mixed schools or single-sexed. Mixed schools admit both females and males, while single-sexed schools accept only one of the genders. Both of these occurrences result in different advantages and disadvantage to the students. In a study carried out by the American Association of University Women (AAUW), resulted in no indication to state that single-sexed schools are more beneficial than mixed schools. (AAUW, Elizabeth).

Moreover, Flowers argues that her fellow students at ‘Byrn Mawr College’ are “brilliant, independent and focused.” They established such a reputation throughout their college experience with fellow girls that were ready to learn and succeed. In class, the girls were ready to fight for better knowledge and express their own ideas without any pressure from any males. There was simply no pressure or need to impress.  Flowers states that “Bonding with the opposite sex, should be after school, at parties, sporting events, or at holy matrimony.” This portrays a sense of focus, and underlines that “schools are designed for academics, and not as social clubs.” Throughout the education at single-sexed schools, all the focus should be on proper knowledge without any inappropriate distractions.

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In addition, Christine Flowers seems to support single-sexed schools from her 16 year single-sexed education. She presents her insight into the frequent stereotypes of single-sexed education and provides numerous benefits of both sides. However, in reference to ‘The Wadsworth Handbook’ by Laurie G. Kirszner, Flower uses a slanted language simply by stating in the title that “ With No Boys to Ogle, We had time to learn,” Such language contains value judgements in-order to influence the readers’ reactions. Her title immediately influences the reader into supporting the fact that single-sexed schools allow for enhanced education to take place. Nevertheless, Flowers ...

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