Labour Education Crisis.

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Laura Heath-Jones

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Labour Education Crisis

The man who promised us, ‘Education, education, education,’ as the main priority of his government has failed again. Blair along with forever changing line up of education secretaries has again been branded a hazard to our children.

The new crisis in hand for our Labour government evolves our youngsters within Primary education. The recent report has revealed that the number of children who can read and write properly has fallen in the last three years, as almost 250,000 seven year olds are not hitting required standards, for the second year running. In English only 75% have reached the required standards, leaving government hopes of 85% English pass rate for 11 year olds by 2002 in tatters.

The report has shown three tenths of Primary school children are behind in reading from as young as seven. Four tenths our poor at writing, leading to one quarter of eleven year olds being classed as semi-literate! Chief school inspector Mr David bell has described the situation as disastrous and has said, ‘I don’t think we could possibly be happy with what primary schools are achieving.’

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 These chilling figures reported by Ofsted are causing concern amongst parents throughout the country. Although Mr Bell is claiming the route of this problem is due to the teachers and Heads of the schools. As it has been suggested that one in ten of our head teachers are ‘weak’, that’s a figure just over 2,000 that are simply not up to the job. If the leaders of the schools are ‘weak’ what hope does it hold for our teachers? Although Heads are saying they are being used a scapegoats Mr Bell insists that they are to blame, ‘They lack ...

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