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AS and A Level: Media

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  1. Methodolgy. I will be using a face to face questionnaire for my primary research because this will be the best method to find out whether children are growing up too fast.

    In my research I want to be objective so that I do not become involved with those who I am investigating because I may influence the answers which hey may give. Although my method does have potential problems such as participants giving socially desirable answers, it is still the most appropriate research method because it gives me quantitative data. I do not want qualitative data because I only want to spot trends about childhood and whether childhood is disappearing. I do not want to see reasons and feelings behind this.

    • Word count: 839
  2. 'Choose a text featuring vampires to analyse - it could be a film, a television programme, a novel, a short story, a cartoon, a comic book, a toy or even a news story. Then offer a feminist reading of your text, discussing how femininity is portrayed'

    (Owen, 1997, 81-83) Buffy differentiates itself from market competitors by showing American adolescence and a variety of genres: action-adventure, mystery, horror and the occult, and comedy. The series offers transgressive possibilities for re-imagining gendered relations and modernist American ideologies. At the same time, however, the series reifies mainstream commitments to heteronormative relationships. This television series is premised upon the novelty of a California valley girl who kicks ass, literally. The character of Buffy ruptures the action-adventure genre, in that a female is controlling the narrative and delivering the punches.

    • Word count: 1749
  3. The function of Education is to develop and reinforce social solidarity.

    More broadly, though, Durkheim was interested in the way that education could be used to provide French citizens the sort of shared, secular background that would be necessary to prevent anarchy in modern societies. It was to this end that he also proposed the formation of professional groups to serve as a source of solidarity for adults.Durkheim argued that education has many functions to reinforce social solidarity through history Learning about individuals who have done good things for the many makes an individual feel insignificant.

    • Word count: 1516
  4. Whait is society

    factors that need to be taken into account one is that there is 380 people on board which would consist of a mixture of men, women, children, nationalities, races, religions and languages for all 380 people there has to be a way to communicate so they can get food and water so they can survive. Another problem faced with a society stuck on a deserted island is how the various survival tasks and everyday work will be organised, for this there is going to be a need for a general leader of the group but when it comes to choosing

    • Word count: 1014
  5. Negative representation of women in females magazines

    Ferguson concluded that these values are seen as essentially 'feminine', which drives women to be obsessed with beauty and body image. This socialized young women into stereotyped values and roles of femininity as established in mainstream western society. Ferguson argued that women absorbed these magazine's messages directly and followed the cult of femininity they promoted. I plan to ask young women how much magazines influence their self-perceptions, appearance and behaviour and I will be interested to see if Ferguson's theory is correct, or whether my respondents are more critical of the 'cult of femininity'.

    • Word count: 1336
  6. Multiculturalism. Thesis Statement: Is the concept of multiculturalism a wise choice in modern day society?

    Or does it mean a world where all cultures thrive equally well and each is respected? Oddly enough, neither is often true. The true meaning of the word is not in its intentional use. But in the real world application of it. I personally believe multiculturalism is a good idea. It provides a wealth of cultural activities, foods, and also gives us other culture's different views of life. The first thing that someone may wish to know is what multiculturalism is exactly. According to Webster's Dictionary multiculturalism in a nutshell means of, relating to, reflecting, or adapted to diverse cultures.

    • Word count: 1306
  7. Does Media Violence Lead to Aggression and Societal Violence?

    The issue of media violence did not draw much attention in the United States until the Columbine school shootings on April 20, 1999. Two teenager students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, carried weapons and killed thirteen people at Columbine High School. Harris and Klebold are both fans of violent video games such as Doom and Wolfenstein 3D. Many scholars and media analysts have used the case of Columbine High School Massacre and Devin Moore to defend their argument that media violence is the major cause of aggression and societal violence.

    • Word count: 2423
  8. In the popular media, white people are portrayed in many different ways. It seems that for the most part, white men are not often represented in an unfavorable ways.

    For the most part, white men are portrayed as good people in popular culture. Many of the criminals in television shows are portrayed by minority groups or people of color. Another example that comes to mind is in the show "The Shield," starring Michael Chiklis. In this show, a police narcotics strike team consists of four white males. They are constantly dealing with criminals who are of a minority group. They deal with gangs of African-Americans and Mexican-Americans. This seems to portray white men as perhaps less likely to be on the criminal side of the law.

    • Word count: 616
  9. What Effect Did McCarthyism Have On 1950's Media In The United States?

    a private anti-communist venture. These organizations exercised their control over the media primarily through the practice of blacklisting. The HUAC published documents that contained lists of known communist sympathizers or supporters. Two of the most significant documents of this sort were Red Channels: The Report of Communist Influence in America and Counterattack: The Newsletter of Facts on Communism. Both of these documents had a great effect in the television, radio, and film industries. The television and radio media, by radical conservatives, was believed to be the chief transmission "belts" to bring Pro-Sovietism to the American people [1 Rosteck 16].

    • Word count: 1673
  10. Women are trapped by stereotypes they perpetuate themselves ......women in 3 short stories

    '" If you're that desperate, why don't you do what everyone else does?" And delicately, elegantly, she mimes the hook of a forefinger down a throat.' Julie clearly feels that she is so trapped she has to fit in, and follow the trend. This is shown by her saying '...do what everyone does'. The idea of a trap is echoed further on by Helen Dunmore's use of the word hook, which suggests being hooked, and you're stuck there; once you do it once, you'll repeat it over, like being addicted to a drug, only the throwing up is the drug and the cause is the job.

    • Word count: 1488
  11. In resent years in education, family life and in the work place, society has become much less sexist. Are these changes in society shown in todays media?

    (Tuchman, 1978). When women are seen in an important carer they still are not as well paid or well looked after as a man in the exact same carer. Ferguson's content analysis of women's magazines (1970s, 1980s)

    • Word count: 417
  12. Stereotypes - As Seen on TV

    the media in the same way that "Mammy" from Gone with the Wind became America's idea of the black woman for generations (227). How women are portrayed in the media disgusts me, especially in the hip-hop culture. When you watch today's hip-hop music videos, all you see is scantily clad women flaunting their goodies and behaving in a way that degrades them.

    • Word count: 579
  13. Conceptions of crime are distorted by exposure to media coverage

    The media reinforces social myths by selective reporting, and thus presents a distorted view of reality. This could be leading to an increasingly misconstrued public view of certain crimes. The media is a very powerful influence on the way in which we behave and how we view the world, therefore it is important that it shows a realistic picture of what is taking place in our society, otherwise we will gain a false perception of aspects such as crime. Is the media really portraying crime as it truly is, or is it selectively reporting the most colourful events in order to secure audiences and therefore profit?

    • Word count: 1928
  14. Why do the mass media in a capitalist society allow no genuine diversity and can only produce dominant "ideological" representations of gender roles and relations

    Hence, the ideas that dominant ideology conveyed can be treated as natural and universal and thereby protected from the charge of being socially produced. The ideology of femininity and masculinity is one of the typical examples of the dominant ideology that is manifested, accepted and communicated in almost all of the societies. In this article, we particularly shed the light on the dominant ideological representations of gender roles and relations portrayed through mass media. Through revealing the images of men and women that are portrayed in the mass media, we hope to generated the dominant ideological representation of both male and female role and their relation, then examine how and why mass media is relating to such ideology.

    • Word count: 1812
  15. The main aim of my research is to find out how and in what ways the media influences young girls idea of the ideal body shape. I will present them with pictures of celebrities from magazines

    They used 374 girls ranging from 12-14. They were surveyed twice at different times, each being one year apart. The girls were given the same survey both times which contained questions regarding the amount of time they were exposed to fashion magazines and TV. They also included questions that would reveal symptoms of have eating disorders. After obtaining the results from these surveys they were able to com up with some possible conclusions. The results showed that the girls who had increased their exposure to fashion magazines from the first survey to the second had also increased signs of eating disorder symptoms, and visor versa.

    • Word count: 1119
  16. Compare the representations of Women in the Action Hero films James Bond and Tomb Raider

    'Tomb Raider' does challenge this however as the main character is female, but we are hardly ever shown another woman in a powerful role or position. All of these actions that are shown to the audience may lead them to believe that women should be the only ones that are not in a powerful position, thus leading their views of women in society to be changed. Yet another issue raised among the three films is that of how women are treated.

    • Word count: 994
  17. women in media

    When we see world history then we come to know that women have served key positions in the high political offices. In western countries like Britain, USA the attitudes have definitely changed regarding women's leadership positions. In Britain, for example, a woman has held the highest office of Prime Minister as well. These Western countries not only themselves are undergoing change but they are also heavily influencing the lifestyle and work related attitude of women in developing nations. Women became heads of states and political parties in third world countries like India, Pakistan, and Srilanka, Nepal etc.

    • Word count: 964
  18. can the media be blamed for violence in the media today

    As these youths grow up they will develop a lifestyle revolving round violence such as the "gangsta" culture that has gripped many of America's underprivileged classes, they eventually end up as adults leading a life in criminality and violence. This can be achieved through no access to violent video games or movies. Younger children's violent behaviour is often attributed to the media but this is scientifically proven incorrect, in the pre teen years children are prone imitation especially the younger ones, children will imitate good behaviour as well as poor behaviour when they see it.

    • Word count: 1294
  19. Case Study (Tom Cruise)

    Can Tom Cruise do anything right anymore? The Rise of Tom Cruise Tom Cruise was born into a middle class family, his parents got divorced when he was very young. He went to live with an Aunt whilst his mother set up home for his brothers and sisters and him. Soon after moving in with his aunt, his mother had met someone and they had set up home together. His mother got married when Tom was slightly older and his family moved again. After a quick stint at a church school wanting to become a Monk, Tom went to New York and started out on broadway.

    • Word count: 557
  20. Censorship in 21st century

    In discussing how children and young adults are being effected by this media, they have been considered susceptible to the harmful media of cinema and radio that contains violence, pornography and improper language, creating a moral panic proving that every ounce of child life has been corrupted, making these kids less innocent than they appeared to be before this media was aired. A strong influence would be through music and how it has encouraged young kids to take drugs and create violence.

    • Word count: 930
  21. In what ways did the British Government attempt to hide the effect of the Blitz from the people of Britain

    One of the most significant and successful methods of censorship was the use of the radio. Many people had radios. It broadcasted happy and patriotic songs to keep up the morale. Demoralizing information was censored and statistics were exaggerated to their advantage. A good example of the need for censorship is the Bethnal Green Tube station incident where 173 people suffocated because a woman fell over. They censored information similar to this because they didn't want people to stop using shelters and people dying, if they died trying to reach safety, they might feel nowhere is safe and it would lower morale.

    • Word count: 604
  22. I am going to examine how mass media representations of homosexuality have changed over time whilst looking closely at the text 'Will and Grace'. After the termination of the ABC sitcom, 'Ellen', it didn't seem like there was

    'Will is masculine without machismo but with a hint of camp' (Queer (UN) Friendly Film and Television, James R. Keller). Jack is his exact opposite; he is flamboyant in both word and deed and he is highly effeminate. The difference in their characters is made more obvious through the mis-en-scene. Will is usually seen in darker clothe colours usually dark blue, grey or black whilst Jack is in lighter colours, usually sky blue. Will's characters steers away from the usual stereotypes of gay men.

    • Word count: 3451
  23. Assess the view that the mass media perpetuates stereotypes of ethnic minorities

    and Van Dijk (1991). I think both of these studies are relevant today, although not all of their findings are relevant in today's TV but they are in different types of the media. Alvarado believed that when ethnic minorities are stereotyped in the media, that they were seen part of categories; these four categories are the pitied, humorous, exotic and dangerous. I will now explain some information on each category- * Pitied- Alvarado argues that ethnic minorities are stereotyped as victims. This is because in the media, usually the news, we hear and see pictures and stories about natural disasters that ethnic minorities have lost their family, friends, homes and belongings to.

    • Word count: 716
  24. Feminists see the media as continuing the prejudices and stereotypes through its representation of women. Liberal feminists think that the removal of these images should be imminent and should be replaced

    Feminism is the idea of equality of the sexes, giving an equality of rights and position in society. Feminists believe that the subordination of women runs through all areas of society. The earliest form of feminism was Liberal feminism. These women concentrated mostly on legal restrictions and things like the 1970 equal pay act came out of their actions. They believe that true equality cannot be achieved unless it exists in the law. Liberal feminists believe that the inequality between men and women is caused by stereotypes and gender socialisation.

    • Word count: 900
  25. The issue of media ownership is a complex one and therefore, I look to answer this question in exploring the importance of media ownership in society and the significance of such an issue. I shall do this by exploring the different major concerns

    It is something then, which is believed to have negative influences on both diversity of ownership and diversity of content. In addition to this, the high market domination found within high concentrations of media, means reducing competition, which is in effect reducing the all-important pluralism. However, it can be argued that larger organisations are in a better position to bring improvements to their produce and a greater range of output due to the fact that they are in a superior financial position than smaller ones.

    • Word count: 1541

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