The Functionalists explanations of the role of education

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The Functionalists explanations of the role of education

Functionalists believe that education is a very important part of society. They have a consensual view which means that they think everyone agrees about education and its roles. They think that everyone believes the way education is is the best way it could be and that it is run in the right way. Functionalists believe the education system is fair and benefits everyone in society.

        Functionalists believe all institutions in society are linked and that education is mainly linked to family, religion and the economy. This is a structural view. Functionalists think that the family used to control education, mainly by transmission and that there used to be no need for a separate institution. But now, education is the main agency of secondary socialisation, while the family still performs primary socialisation. Education takes over as the focal socialising agency after the family. Children are socialised into value consensus.

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        Functionalists believe that before industrialisation there were ascribed positions in society, this means that what and who you were at birth were who and what you stayed, (for example, if you were born the working class son of a butcher, you would always be working class and would grow up to be a butcher), as in class, social status etc. and that there was particularism where personal relationships and marriages were important in social actions. They believe that since industrialisation positions are now more complicated and that anyone can do anything now if they are good enough to do it. ...

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