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  1. The Relation between Language and Content in Poetry

    For example, prison walls or jail walls are built with bricks. "You're like a vampire, for wherever I go, you know I'm coming back to you" is an analogy of every route prisoners take in the prison system reverts back to bricks with no chance to escape. This particular poem describes the tremendous sounds that exist in the factory. Some sounds were "The whir, whir of the machinery" and "The click of the tacker." However, the most interested line in the poem that stuck in the mind of the reader was "the tired-eyed ones."

    • Word count: 832
  2. communication theories

    The goal to be successful for this theory is for the benefits to outweigh the costs when developing relationships with other people. One thing that comes to mind is that people are brought up to treat others with respect and care for others, but they should also consider their own feelings and happiness. An example of this theory would be that for instance you had a four year college degree that you worked very hard to earn, and you found a job that required your education.

    • Word count: 700
  3. ethical communication

    I told her not to worry about it that I would take care of it and to go and have fun, knowing that I was not being truthful. My goal was to get her out of the house without worrying about the chores so she could enjoy her trip with the kids. I did not want to do the chores so I intentionally lied so she would go and not feel guilty. At the time it was the easy way out, but when she returned I realized that it was not worth it.

    • Word count: 705
  4. An Ideal Student

    He also possesses all virtues and is a multifaceted personality. To achieve such ideals is to achieve perfection and therefore impossible as, such a student would be perfection personified and hence non-existent. Everybody faces ups and downs in life and each and every person has his own strengths and weaknesses. So, in pursuit of perfection one is likely to go into depression or face frustration. Hence, the wise thing to do under the circumstances is only trying to get close to perfection.

    • Word count: 499
  5. Romanticism vs Classicism

    Art forms such as painting and architecture perfectly accentuate these differences. Paintings are an extremely popular form of both Romanticism and Classicism and brilliantly emphasize the differences between the two. Within Romantic art, the subjects are often spiritual, idealistic, and, at times, fictional. A typical painting would be that of a heavenly beauty surrounded by a lavish and tranquil landscape. The edges of objects in such paintings are soft and undefined. The techniques are often very gentle and free flowing, like that of a natural brushstroke.

    • Word count: 856
  6. Art is the best way of expressing religious ideas

    Another important feature of art's medium is the ability to attract attention. While other media could be considered tedious, art is eye-catching and draws one into the painting, and thus the religious idea behind it. An example of this is Caravaggio's Supper at Emmaus, in which an unidentified figure rises to catch a falling fruit basket. This represents the viewer, and is a way Caravaggio draws one into the portrait, where they can learn about the story he wished to portray: the supper at Emmaus.

    • Word count: 722
  7. asdan

    in being a car mechanic This interests me because: because

    • Word count: 800
  8. Art Movements

    The triangular nose and pointed handkerchief I feel really express the utter sadness she is feeling within. Their work engages with a wide range of techniques, materials and styles and many were interested in each other's work. Picasso would paint what he was feeling inside not what he sees and this was shown in his work which was built up in layers to form a collage with the use of geometric forms. African sculpture, particularly mask carvings also had an enormous influence on the artists of the movement to which played a role in the cubists work.

    • Word count: 562
  9. For this project, I was asked to create my own repeat patterns and to look at the work of pattern designers such as William Morris to help me with my work.

    I found out how designs can be made for fabrics wallpapers and tiles. I learnt how to develop some of the skills needed to do this I started by making observational drawings of small objects such as padlock, key, pencil, scissors, sharpeners and key rings. William Morris started in a similar way by making drawings from nature.

    • Word count: 261
  10. hnduijn

    • Word count: 2834
  11. The Mona Lisa displays a painting of a woman who is dressed in the Florentine fashion of her day and is seated in a mountainous landscape. It is a remarkable piece of Da Vincis technique of soft, heavily shaded modeling.

    Leonardo Da Vinci was a great artist and Mona Lisa was one his best works of art. Leonardo had many great achievements not only in art, but in science and math. Another interesting thing about the Mona Lisa is that the painting had a feminine mystique and it amazes me that a simple painting can cause that much attention. This painting was not known just because of Leonardo's amazing art skills, but also because of the smile and all of the things it has taught us about their ways of living during that time period.

    • Word count: 749
  12. William Turner - "Fishermen at sea"

    Aiding to this feeling, is the cool sea green colour in the centre of the wave and how it becomes dirtier as you get further. The brushstrokes to attain these waves must have been energetic, almost as if Turner was a force of nature himself. In contrast with the waves the sky seems to be more peaceful brushstrokes, consisting of yellows, blue blacks and the dominant black infuse with one another.

    • Word count: 508
  13. Antony Gormley - Testing a World View

    Gormley further explored by positioning the sculptures in different 'absolute' orientation. According to the artist, the positioning evokes states ranging from "hysteria, head-banging, catatonia, to the awakened dead and the about-to-be-beheaded " What you can see firstly is that the main subject is the human body. And Gormley looks deeply into this subject, within the making of the sculptures. The moulds started off with themselves are an "emptiness with a certain function", potentially to create something positive out of this emptiness.

    • Word count: 643
  14. African Art- Cameroon Grasslands

    mask is the main liturgical garment for a member of the mkeen during the royal and ritual dance of the elephant.8 The instruments used to create the music performed during the elephant masquerades are mostly sacred drums and gongs. The beat of the music is consisted of measured steps, which suggests the way of how an elephant would normally walk.9 This particular elephant mask is a fitted helmet mask and supposed to be worn completely over the dancer's head. Some elephant masks include a head crest which would be located on top on the mask.

    • Word count: 1673
  15. Formal Analysis- Henri Matisse "Interior at Nice"

    In Interior at Nice, the ground plane is broken up in a naturalistic manner into three different grounds known as the foreground, the middle ground, and the background. The ground plane is the area around and between the figures and objects in the painting. Figures and objects in the foreground appear closer to the viewer because they are larger in size than those in the middle ground or background. In the middle ground or background figures and objects are smaller and therefore appear farther away.

    • Word count: 1123
  16. Arm anatomy

    Leonardo Da Vinci has been one of the first people to do arm anatomy. The musculature anatomy is the most interesting, because it has lots of things to study and talk about. There are 3 types of anatomy: - Surface anatomy. - Musculature anatomy. - Skeletal anatomy. -Surface anatomy. -Musculature anatomy. -Skeletal anatomy. Surface anatomy of arm: Is made of: -Skin: Is very sensible, but if it gets hurt, it can be cured easily.

    • Word count: 351
  17. Cursor

    ** Note: Hetro breaks down into mechanical and suspension therefore homo breaks down into solutions. Element: A pure substance that cannot be broken down by chemical means. Ex: potassium (k), Helium (He), oxygen gas (O2) Compound: A pure substance that is made from 2 or more elements that are combined together. Ex: Water (H2o) Mixture: A combination of two or more pure substances, each substance remains in its original, pure form. Mechanical mixture: The different substances that make up the mixture are visible.

    • Word count: 89
  18. Free essay

    Mexico Peso Crisis

    The capital markets reacted fiercely showing a mixture of fear, anger and uncertainty. Lustig is of the view that causes of devaluation are different form the causes of the crisis to the extent that financial crisis was partly due to the devaluation itself. Devaluation Causes Distant and Recent "Pacto", Capital Inflows and Exchange Rate Appreciation At the launching of 'The Pact of Economic Solidarity' known as Pacto that started in 1988 the nominal exchange rate was used as an instrument that could contribute for ending the inertial inflation as well as ensuring that the fiscal policy would produce the desired results.

    • Word count: 5682
  19. The handmaid's tale section 3

    Offred talks about his meetings with the commander and games of scrabble and him letting see out dated magazines while he watches her. Offred acknowledges that her new relationship with the commander means more than a meeting between a handmaid and her master. * After asking, the Commander gets her lotion, he watch as she lather on the lotion which shows a bit of lust that the commander has for Offred and shows there relationship as a mistress. She starts to question the meaning of their meetings.

    • Word count: 1381
  20. Free essay

    The handmaid tale

    Chapter 20 * Offred is surrounded by handmaids and there wives. Offred starts to think about her experiences in the red center and how she was able to see an "unwomen documentary" which showed the antifeminist movement and her mother as part of it. * The way the aunts brain wash the handmaids is very bias and typical for a society like Gilead, they only show or let them read what they want, the movies they watch are pornography and abusive videos of women being hurt and cut into pieces and they contrast it with antifeminist documentaries of porn to change the way the handmaids think.

    • Word count: 930
  21. Active reading notes

    * Women rights/ Feminism- Gilead provide protection for women by isolating them from men; women are expected to unite during pregnancy (of other handmaids), death and sickness. Females teach other females about the regime of Gilead and how it's beneficial for them. Even though Gilead expects females to be loyal to one another, one of the flaws seen in Gilead is jealously and resentment between females. Gilead gives fewer rights to females versus the males who are allowed to have wives and handmaids, also they are suppose to have the "ability to feel".

    • Word count: 1756
  22. Hideaki Miyamura- background and works

    Best in Show, 63rd League of New Hampshire Craftsmen (1997) Best in Show, Collector's choice award at the Westchester Craft Show (1998) Individual Artist Fellowship for the State of New Hampshire (2000) American Craft Council Show Honorable Mention (2000) Washington Craft, First prize (2000) Best in Show at the 67th league of New Hampshire (2000) Style: His unique and iridescent glazes are known to change color when viewed from different angles. His porcelain pieces reflect a fusion of Eastern and Western ceramic forms and traditions. His uses of crystalline elements in the glazes are European, but the traditional Tenmoku black glazes are rooted in Chinese forms.

    • Word count: 982
  23. CheongSam- the history

    The Manchu women wore normally a one-piece dress, which then became known as "qipao" or "banner dress". The female dress survived the political change in 1911, and with later improvements, became the traditional dress of Chinese women. In the past, the Cheongsam was loose and baggy and covered most of the woman's body, revealing only the head, hands, and the tips of the toes. The baggy nature of the clothing served to conceal the figure of the wearer regardless of age. The modern version, which is now recognized as the Cheongsam was first developed in Shanghai after 1900, when the Qing Dynasty fell.

    • Word count: 583

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