Art Analysis - the first thing I did was use the technique of dry point printing to create a recreation of part of Oxford Castle. I was inspired by the artist of Jane Peart.

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Art Final Piece Evaluation In my final piece I decided to use mix media, therefore you could say it is both a painting and a drawing. There is a predominant colour scheme of cool tones this then complimented the various shades of black and white throughout my final piece. I decided that my final piece should be sized A1 as I wanted to challenge myself by working on a bigger layout than what I am used to. In my final piece I combined both sharp and smooth lines to help reflect the overall mood of the piece, I also made the tone subtle. When creating my piece I considered: composition, shape and line. I tested out a variety of compositions but in the end I decided that the best composition for my work was to have it standard facing towards the audience as if they were looking straight through the eye and seeing those buildings in oxford. I wanted my final piece to have a unique shape to begin with but then I decided if I wanted it to link well with my composition choice then I should have it a basic rectangular shape rather than cutting
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it into the eye shape to make it look like an ordinary gallery painting to the audience but then to have the eye within to make the audience intrigued. When considering line in my work I thought about the length and width of the lines I wanted to make and whether I wanted them to create tone or a basic outline. For example when I was painting one of buildings in black acrylic I took into consideration the size of the paint brush as I had to think about if the lines were going to be thick or thin and ...

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