Surrealist Painting Evaluation

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During the Painting project we were asked to identify the critical aspects of Surrealism and to take onboard these critical aspects and use them in our sketchbook ideas and the final painting. Therefore, critical aspects of Surrealism are evident in my sketchbook and final piece. The first technique was the drawing technique. I took great care on producing the best outcome I could, when coming up with a Surrealist idea. Surrealist’s paintings are generally based on dreams. Their paintings are filled with familiar objects which were painted to look strange or mysterious, just like my painting. My painting is very strange because there are two contradictory landscapes merged into one. The aim of Surrealism was to reveal the unconscious and reconcile it with rational life. Surrealism is a visual movement that emphasises the critical and imaginative powers of the unconscious. The emphasis of critical and imaginative powers of the unconscious is evident in my final painting as I have tried to get across to the viewer that one dreams of an unrealistic scene may divulge the working of one’s unconscious.

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I planned and developed my ideas for my surrealist paining, in my sketchbook. I planned my ideas by researching several surrealist paintings. I then made two surrealist collages from magazine cuttings. However, in my collages there were too many objects and hence, the theme didn’t relate to the objects, as it should have done. Therefore, I made a third surrealist piece using images I found on the computer, which created a world of difference; the theme was more apparent and was a lot more surrealist. In this project the good research was the vital key to the success of the ...

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