M1: Explain how oral communication can be used in business situation

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“M1: Explain how oral communication

can be used in business situation”

There are number of different ways used to communicate orally in businesses such as by telephone, video conference, voicemail, face to face conversation, interview, presentation, group discussion etc. Business communication is very important because it shows how people interact within the business and communication should be clear so that information is understood. I am now going to chose four oral communication methods and I will give examples in a detail of each method of oral communication which can be used in businesses.

  • Face- Face communication:

Face to face is the best and easiest method to use to communicate with other people.  This is because the person can make clear point across to the listener and if they do not understand then they can use the speaker’s facial expressions and body language to help them understand, what the person is trying to say.  In businesses the best way is to communicate in private without any distractions or disturbances. This is the reason why most of the businesses schedule all their interviews in advance and leave instructions not to be interrupted during interviews. For this communication the person must have strong listening skills and speaking skills.

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The advantage of this communication is that it is an easy method of confirming something, giving out information or get information for the other person. The disadvantage is that there is no record or written minutes.

For example, if an employee has done something which is wrong then the manager will have face to face communication to warn them about it. This is because the face to face communication allows for certain information to be exchanged and the employee can also get feedback on what the problem is and how they can solve it.

  • Interview:

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A sound description of the methods of oral communication. It makes the point that different methods can be used in different circumstances by picking good examples. This point could also be made more explicitly