Activities at the Marriott hotel. The way in which the Marriott ensures that they achieve guest satisfaction is by firstly having many rooms and different types of rooms.

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                GCSE Applied Business

                   Unit 1: Task A

Activities at the Marriott hotel

The Marriott do many things to insure that they achieve their aims and objectives. By doing this it will insure that the Marriott make profit along the way.

The way in which the Marriott ensures that they achieve guest satisfaction is by firstly having many rooms and different types of rooms. This ensures that when the customers come to the hotel they are guaranteed a room because there are so many and it also ensures that they get the room that they want (rooms that may be more expensive which come with things such as plasma TV’s) The Marriott currently have 391 rooms, this is a increase from the year 2007, this shows us that the Marriott is improving their services in order to improve guest satisfaction at the hotel. The Marriott hotel also have different types of rooms, for example they will have the deluxe room for people that are not willing to pay a lot of money, the Marriott then have an executive room, this room is equipped with things such as wireless internet; it will be perfect for business customers. The last type of room that the Marriott has is called the presidential suite, this comes with all the luxuries that a customer will want and will be a lot pricier. By doing this it gives the customers a wide variety of things to choose from to suit the personal needs of each customer.

Another way in which they can ensure that the customers are satisfied is by proving a lot of services such as rooms, restaurants and leisure facilities. This will make the Marriott look good because they provide a lot of other services to make the customers stay at the Marriott enjoyable other than just having rooms. Also by having different room prices it means that the customers can take a room which is in their budget, this is good because if the Marriott just had expensive rooms then it would be bad because the customers that will be paying less will be turned away, meaning that the Marriott will be making less profits.

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If the Marriott do these things successfully it will mean that the customers will be satisfied, helping them achieve their objective of keeping 86% of their customers satisfied. This will also help them achieve their other objective of making a sales turnover of 20 million pounds because the customers will have more things that they can pay for. The way in which the Marriott can insure that they are achieving the 86% customer satisfaction is by referring back to the GSS survey, this will give them a clear idea of how they are doing, they can then assess how they ...

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*** This essay is strong on the product that Marriott offer but not on their other marketing activities which are just as important. Students should consider the whole marketing mix - product, price, place and promotion when examining the activities of a business. They should also consider operational activities e.g. ensuring the right number of staff etc.