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Advertising in newspapers

FLE’s objective is to increase visitor numbers, so advertising in newspapers might be a good was to help achieve this FLE could consider advertising in magazines. There a number of advantages to advertising in newspapers, for example the advert might be publish is somewhat flexible in terms of size and colour; if they want a large advert this is doable in a newspaper spread rather than a small magazine, also, if they want a black and white picture, it will be more acceptable in a newspaper rather than a magazine. Also, it might be cheaper as the paper they use in newspapers is inexpensive compared to the glossy paper used in magazines.

Newspapers have a wider circulation than magazines also, more people read newspapers than they do magazines; this is good for FLE and could lead to an increase of visitor numbers as more people would be exposed to FLE’s advert. For example, 3,128,501copies of The Sun are bought daily. However, about 7,986,000 read the newspaper daily; this is because more than one person can read the one newspaper.

Advertising in newspapers is quick; this is because they tend to be released daily. If one day, FLE see a promotion advert from their competition in a newspaper they are able to respond quickly with an advert of their own.

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Newspapers are also targeted, for example, The Sun is targeted at men and therefore had more male readers, FLE can use this information to decide whether a particular newspaper is suitable for them to advertise in. If FLE decide to advertise in a newspaper then they would also be able to demographically segment their market; if FLE found not enough people were visiting their theme park from a particular area of the country, then they could print an advert in a newspaper which is printed there, and this may increase the number of visitors.

Also, as newspapers ...

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Good evidence of research into print advertising but there could be much more application to the particular case of FLE. It is too general. A recommendation would be good for a specific magazine or paper