aims and objectives

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BTEC First Diploma in Business

Unit 1 Exploring Business Purposes


In this Assignment I want to describe the purpose of setting aims and objectives for business and also compare and contrast the ownership, aims and objectives of two selected business.

Task 1

In this task I should describe the purpose of setting aims and objectives in the private, public and voluntary sectors and give some specific examples.

All business organisations have to set aims and objectives. Aims are long term goals. Objectives are short term goals and they are more specific than aims, in order to archive aims you must have objectives in order word objectives are target which are set to help to achieve overall aims. Objectives have to be

S pecific

M easurable

A chivable

R ealistic

T ime related

Specific means that the objectives have to have a clear definition, often including number, for example to read a book for two hours a day.
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Measurable means that your achievement can be proved, for example if banking your savings means your bank statement will record and measure your achievement.

Achievable means that it must be achievable what means for example if your target is to walk 3 meters a day, that is achievable but if your target is to run 30 miles a day that is not achievable.

Realistic means the target is sensible so that you stand a chance of achieving it. For example you could not save £10 a week if you don't have a job that paid at ...

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