aims and objectives of sainsburys and oxfam

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In this report I will be writing about both Oxfam and Sainsbury’s .I will also be writing about Sainsbury’s aims and there business objectives. A business aim is what the business is aiming for and a business objective is how they are going to achieve there aims. Business objectives should always be SMART. This stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reliable and Time bound.


Sainsbury’s is a plc (public limited company) all businesses that are public limited company are the largest type of business. Another example of a public limited company is ASDA. Businesses are split into three types of sectors primary, secondary and tertiary Sainsbury’s is in the tertiary sector. The tertiary sector provides a service buy selling food and products. The tertiary sector buys goods from the secondary sector.


Oxfam’s is a charity it is in the voluntary sector. Oxfam is also in the tertiary sector however; instead of just selling products, it also provides a service to other charities. It does this buy selling cloths at a very cheap price. Oxfam’s purpose is not to make a profit. Its purpose is to earn money for charities so they can make the world a better place. This means that instead of keeping the money they earn for them selves they donate it to various charities. Additionally if Oxfam does not keep the money they earn they cannot afford to pay all of there workers, therefore some of the workers are voluntary.

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Business aim: A business aim is a long-term goal for a business.

Objectives: A business objective is a target, which a business can set for there company to help them achieve there overall aim for the business.


Sainsbury’s aim:

  • To improve the performance of Sainsbury’s.
  • To appeal to more customers

Target ones business objectives may be

  • Improve the customer service of Sainsbury’s by putting ...

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*** This report makes some good point but is let down by a lack of research into what the businesses are actually about. Both businesses have websites where a great deal of information on aims and objectives is available. If the report was to be the writer's views on what the aims and objectives could be than this should have been stated at the start.