Analysing Job Roles - managers, supervisors and sales assistants

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Analysing Job Roles  B1

Manager (Tim)- is the manager who controls resources and expenditures.

Key Responsibilities

The key responsibilities for are very important in the business as the  job is at a high position. Their key responsibilities would be

  • Make sure the legal requirements are met
  • Decide on which targets should be set
  • Control its section of the business in a positive way

Main Tasks

  • Keep staff informed of everything that is going on
  • Resolve any disagreements in their own area
  • scheduling work

Job security

The manager’s job security is normally permanent  if  the business is doing well and how successful the business has been . If a business is not doing well some of the shareholders might vote the manager out.

Problem solving

A managers problem solving would be very important as his decision affects a lot of people and the organisation. It also needs to deal with daily problems which cannot resolved by anyone else.

Skills and Qualifications needed

 The qualifications and skills to becoming a manager are very important. You need a good understanding of a lot of things

  • Manage the company's financial resources in a reasonable way.
  • Create an effective working environment
  • Take responsibility for the business performance
  • Make sure they are supporting groups and individuals when needed
  • Help contribute to improve the work
  • Develop plans,projects for the business
  • Organise and facilitate meetings
  • Manage a service in which the outcome is the best for each individual
  • monitor everyone's performances

Related Pay


 The manager has a relatively high position in a business so they would be earning a respectable amount of money. The managers job at richersounds offers £29,082 per year,the salaries will depend on the size of the organisation and the responsibility of the job.

 Supervisors (Sam) -  These normally assist the manager sometimes they are called first line managers because they are at the first level above the operators. They have day to day contact with their staff.

Key Responsibilities and Main Tasks

As the manager had done all the planning the supervisors are responsible for making sure it all gets done to a required standard and deadline. The manager and supervisor have both similar responsibilities  but over a smaller area. The key responsibilities are

  • Making sure their own section is running  at their own standard
  • Ensuring Deadlines are met and targets are achieved
  • Manage their own staff
  • Motivate the staff
  • Keep the manager informed of things that are going on within the supervisors section like any problems that have occurred.
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Main tasks

  • Carry out orders from the manager
  • Report what happens each day or week to the manager
  • Check the staff are working effectively enough
  • Suggest improvements on the company to the manager
  • Solve everyday difficulties

 Job Security

Again what depends on the job security of the supervisor is how well and successful the business is doing , but there not as important as the managers job security as they cost less.

 Decision Making and Problem Solving

To be a quality supervisor you must be good at making quick decisions relating to issues and ...

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