Analysis of the Job Interview Process

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Interview Question analysis

An effective interview process for an employee (candidate) is one in which they secure the job . In order for the process to be effective there are a number of factors they should consider before , during and after the interview .

Before the interview the employee must plan out everything including the route , on a different day they should try out this route and check how long it takes . Although on the day they will need to check the traffic on the roads which you will be going through . This is so you will get there on time and give a good first impression . A employer wants an employee to be on time everyday at work so they won’t miss meetings or time to work , this gives the employee the chance to demonstrate this . If the employee shows up to early for the interview this can be uncomfortable for the business . If the employee gets their too late they will give out a bad impression and lower their chances of being selected , being late shows a lack of care / interest so the business may assume they aren’t that bothered in getting the role . The employee must call the business before hand to arrange any special need measures that need to taken for example disabled access . This shows you are organised and think ahead , A quality that the business will look for in a suitable candidate for the job . Prepare all documents and qualifications for any situation , it is better to have more documents than you need than not to have one . If the employee is lacking a document this shows bad organisation , the business would expect a employee that wants the job to put the time and effort into getting all the correct documents the night before . The employee should research into the business to demonstrate an interest into the business . This will make the employee feel more confident in the interview , confidence is a quality that the business would want in a candidate . The employee must dress smartly to give out a good first impression , a business would want an employee to dress appropriately in the workplace . This shows that if they had the job they would not damage the businesses reputation . The employee should review the person specification and job description are think of any possible questions that could be asked , and they should think of possible responses . This will make the employee feel more confident as they will be ready for any type of situation . The employee needs to understand the format of how the interview will be . This will give off the impression of being prepared and organised . In most interviews often the employee is asked about their weaknesses and strengths , so the candidate should list these and for the weaknesses they should write how they will improve on this .
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During the interview the employee needs to have the correct body language , they must be sitting up on the chair and not slouching . This shows an interest in being there and that they do want the job . An candidate that is smart and tidy shows confidence , a quality that the business would want in an employee . An employee should think of the answers to the questions in their head first before speaking to show confidence . If the employee does not understand , ask questions rather than just guess . A candidate must ...

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