Assess the impact of improved technology on the management.

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Management and Organizational Behaviour

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Assess the impact of improved technology on the management

        Management is a process of attaining organization goals by effectively and efficiently planning, organizing, leading and controlling the organization’s human, physical, financial and information resources.  While technology means applying specialized knowledge or expertise applicable to the situation or context.

        The verdict shows that systematic weaknesses that are hampering the ability of many firms to adapt to a changing international business environment.  In particular, there are six weaknesses: outdated strategies; neglect of human resources; failures of cooperation; technological weaknesses in development and production; government and industry working at cross-purposes; and short time horizons.  Thus a company needs to improve their technology in solving those weaknesses.  In other word, it means the integration of technology in their manufacturing and marketing strategies and to link them to organizational changes that promote teamwork, training and continuous learning.  In generally depressed domestic apparel industry, firms such as the Model Garment Company and Levi Strauss & Company are succeeding by investing heavily in information technologies that allow them to fill orders very rapidly and reduce inventory levels.

          In virtually all successful firms, the trend is toward greater functional integration and lesser organizational stratification, both of which promote quicker product development and increased responsiveness to changing markets.  In particular, most successful firms emphasize simultaneous improvements in quality, cost, and speed of commercialization.  Whereas others firms often trade off one dimension of performance against another, only the best companies have mad significant improvement in all three.  Therefore they need to adopt new way of thinking about human resources, new ways of organizing their systems of production and new approaches to the management of technology.  As Prince Philip said

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Related the management of new ideas to these issues.  First, the need to identify the current and future environment in which a company exists.  Second, the need to study competition, which imposes restraints and permits opportunities.  Third, understanding customer needs and, he added, public attitudes.  He gave nuclear power as an example of the gap that can exist between need and acceptability.  Next, he argued the audience to be aware of the availability of new materials and new technology. (p. 321)

The impact of improved technology on management can be generally divided into six categories, strategy, technology, cooperation ...

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