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B & O's business environment

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´╗┐Bang & Olufsen assignment Business to consumer: Bang & Olufsen provides their products to the consumers in local shops. The type of consumers are people who prefer to buy high-technology and high-quality products with a special design. They are focused on the well-known brand, these customers have a certain status in the society and have the money to buy these expensive and unique products. So for them the price is not very important, they directly go to a local shop who provides them a special service in order to buy the newest product with a special design. The brand name B & O is a status symbol in society, the consumers of B & O are wealthy people with high income or even people from the middle class. ...read more.


B & O sells modified products to them - the products are specifically manufactured for the purpose of the customer. For example, the sound systems for Audi cars, the design has to fit perfectly in the inside of the car. Hence Audi and B & O have a special cooperation, B & O designs special models for Audi. B & O has also a contract with Samsung, they design the cell phones for Samsung. Furthermore The Cell phone will be branded with the name of B & O and Samsung. But most eye-catching will be the name of B & O. ...read more.


The consumers of B & O are people with high income and a high society status, so target group of B & O customers are people with an high income. 2. Factors in B & O which have have an influence on the companies business areas: 1. The whole economy, because their main customers are the car industry and the hotel industry. If people don?t spend money on luxury goods like cars and traveling, B & O cant sell their sound systems or TVs to Audi or to hotels, because the business partners of B & O will limit their production or it would also cause in closing down some hotels. 2. ...read more.

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