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Boots strive to provide their customers with low cost products; as well as improving this they are constantly opening new stores

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Task 1 Using the same Business you have chosen to use for Task 2 of Mrs McNulty's Assignment 1, Introduction to Business. Describe the vision aims and objectives of this Business and explain how these could be achieved through planning and monitoring. This provides evidence for P1 Vision Aims and Objectives Aims: Boots mission statement is: "Boots aims to be the place for health and beauty customers. We want to secure market leadership in the UK and build on our brands' growing success internationally." As a private sector company, Boots will also be aiming to make a profit for their shareholders. Objectives: Boots strive to provide their customers with low cost products; as well as improving this they are constantly opening new stores, while renovating their old ones at the same time, throughout the UK and Europe. Boots also provide their customers with unique services which their competition does not. Activities: * In order to achieve these objectives, Boots offers its customers loyalty schemes such as Boots advantage card. * They have a lot of own brand products which as good as the leading brand, but at reduced prices. * They have a dedicated customer service team who try their best to provide their customers with what they want. * The pharmacy has a private consultation room where customers can talk to the pharmacist on a one to one basis. ...read more.


will help them to achieve their aims and objectives as it will encourage people to use Boots the Chemist. Offers such as 3 for 2 will encourage people to buy these products as they could work out cheaper than in other stores. Boots own brand products are considered to be among the leading brands of beauty products and are well respected by its competitors. Task 2 Using the four headings: Physical resources, Financial resources, Human resources and Technological resources describe the ways in which a manager's role would include the management of resources for your chosen organisation. Unit 2 Lecture 8 Unit 2 Lecture 9 BTEC National Business Book Pgs 64 - 71 GNVQ Advanced Book Stephen Danks Pgs 13 - 14 This provides evidence for P3 Physical Resources Physical resources refer to things such as buildings, facilities, equipment, etc. The management of Physical Resources involves planned maintenance of the resources (buildings, equipment and facilities). Regular refurbishment of the buildings is required, organisation of insurance, arranging of security for employees and the arranging of contingency plans should the business run into trouble. Financial Resources Good management of financial resources is very important in a business because without finance the business cannot survive. It will not be able to build new premises, buy new stock or take on and pay staff. ...read more.


Consider some problems that may arise and indicate how managers could deal with these problems. This provides evidence for P3, M1 Management Activity Managers can get things done through the work of other people. Managers will plan, set objectives, organise, control and motivate the people working for them using different techniques and activities. The objectives are set out in an overall way, and then the manager will set them out in ways that are necessary and understandable to their staff to achieve. Managers have to make sure that everybody knows what they have to do to achieve the objectives set to them. If workers are operating under a good management system they are more likely to be well motivated to produce the work needed and to the standard which is required by the company they work for. Managers have to be able to motivate their staff to produce work to their full potential. Managers must give regular evaluations of performance of their staff. Some problems which could arise in a business are things such as: Low staff levels, low money levels/income of money or on a larger scale, failure of the business. Ways managers could deal with problems such as these include: recruitment of new staff, cutting budgets or staff levels and in the event of failure the business will refer to their contingency plan. BTEC National Diploma in Business Unit 2: Business and Management 1 Laura MacKenzie ...read more.

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