Business Aims and objectives

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The Japanese automobile company’s second most successful car manufacturer was Nissan, after Toyota (market leader), but dropped to third after Honda.

 Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Limited is the largest car manufacturing plant in the UK; having manufactured over 2 million cars since 1986 of which 1.4 million have been exported to 58 markets around the world. It is located on the 750-acre site just outside Sunderland. Nissan Is a massive company, well known around the world due to its achieved aims to expand overseas.

Introduction to South African Shop ‘Kruger’

Kruger is specialist retail all over the U.K. providing South African products via the internet or alternatively customers can visit their stores.

Kruger started in 1997. In 2000 they joined another company, SAJE International Ltd. Who supported their business by advertising, creating a website.  

They developed their company by providing a professional delivery service on their website  

Kruger started off with two people who were asked by South African retailers in the U.K. to find a way of importing food from South Africa.

General Theory on Aims

An aim is a target that people work towards that result in the company developing. Businesses can have more than one aim that it’s working towards. Businesses aims should be appropriate to the size of the business. It would be inappropriate for a small business earning £50,000 per year to rival the profits with a company earning millions more such as Nissan. An example of an aim for a large business could be to expand overseas.

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General Theory on Objectives

Objectives are small steps businesses take to reach an aim. There are normally more than 1 or 2 objectives to reach an aim. Objectives take much shorter time than an aim does. An example of an objective for a large business could be to provide high quality goods which could help it on its way to achieving an aim to have a popular business with a god reputation.

Nissan’s Aims and Objectives

Aim: To have a respected, familiar business and brand. They achieve this aim by their Objective: To satisfy customers by making a ...

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