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Compare & Contrast 2 Businesses

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INTRODUCTION: I have been assigned to compare and contrast the two businesses I have chosen and consider the following; I must research the market nature which the business operates on and the important consumer laws of the businesses. TESCO: the market of this business has been a successful for this business for the method they used in achieving there are as follows: This business has been successful because of its powerful brand and its reputation for value and low prices and also being customer focused. This business has been strong in the public relations and advertising the building in the catchment areas of the local people, this local approach to marketing appears to marketing to be a key driver for success. Tesco has a wide range of affordable products including its own label products; it seeks to provide excellent customer service and a broad appeal through good better and the best caters for the widest consumer audience. WEST HAM CHICKEN AND CHIP SHOP: This business main purpose it to serve food to their customers, food like chips, fish, sausages and chicken. ...read more.


This business has survived many economic disasters from the past year and the competition of the business like the fellow shops like Sainsbury's etc. CONSUMER LAWS FOR BOTH BUSINESESS (TESCO AND WEST HAM CHICKEN AND CHIP SHOP). The customer is always right but when he is a consumer. He is usually has the law on his side. The consumer is protected under the criminal and the civil law. Protection under the civil law is based on the complaints personal right to compensation for carelessness or dishonesty Some of the consumer laws of Tesco are as follows: CIVIL LAWS: There is no defence to some allegations of breach of contract and it is often worth taking legal advice and making a reasonable offer of settlement at an early stage. A claim of negligence must be proved; that is. The plaintiff must show that the defendant owed him a duty of care- as someone who might reasonably have been foreseen as being affected by his negligence and that the duty has been and that the duty has been breached, causing consequential injury , loss or damage. ...read more.


Some disadvantages of the location to this business are as follows * Being located in the high street the process of traffic make the customer really frustrated about shopping in that centre * The locations of the business is where most business people are living so mostly in the day time there are no customers but during the evening that's when the customer flow in to this disturbs the business because they do not make much profit as they expect. CONCLUSION: in my word the market nature of the business is really important to the business it helps the business to meet it aims and objections. The consumer laws also help the business to know their right towards their customers in that part of the business. Most of the success depends on the location and most of tescos shops are located in the right place. And with the minor business it has to make sure they treat their customer's right because there a saying that "customers are always right" and they must abide with the consumer laws of the business or they might go out of business. ?? ?? ?? ?? Business coursework YAA KISSIEDU 13227 9827 ...read more.

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