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A new retailed business (e.g. Greeting card shop/florist) is opening in your area. Similar businesses already exist in the area and for the new business to be successful a small scale marketing campaign will be necessary. You will need to investigate:

the different types of media that would be available for such a campaign

the market research that could be undertaken to decide upon the marketing campaign

marketing itself, including promotion and advertising


Prepare a marketing plan for your campaign. The plan must indicate:

Alternatives you have considered.

The reasons for the decisions you have made.


The business I have chosen in my project is called “ELEGANCE™”. It is a beauty parlour in Edgware Road, in Central London.

I have chosen this as the location as there are no beauty parlours in this area, and this may be a good investment. However, there are hairdressers and nail salons scattered all over the area. This may provide competition, as ELEGANCE™ offers all the services these businesses do.

The business administrators have asked for my assistance in a small marketing campaign to kick-start the new business.

For this, I will need to conduct some marketing surveys as part of my research, which will involve looking at other similar businesses, what they have to offer; and also a survey to find my target group.

Once I have found these, I will continue my survey to my chosen target group, and find their preferred services and prices.



This will help me to plan out my project and what information sources I will use, and also ensure I organise my work effectively and complete each part by a particular deadline date.

Action Plan

This is my action plan.

It shows how I planned out my coursework project and the information sources I used, what I did, and the dates each topic was due.


Marketing Definition:

“The management process which is responsible for identifying potentially profitable products and selling them to customers.”

                        -GCSE Business Studies 2nd Edition, by Alain Anderton

From the above definition I understand that a marketing division of a business is in charge of recognizing products or ideas which are likely to be profitable, and then finding ways sell them to customers.

Marketing is an essential part of a business, especially if it intends to release new products or services.

A business would not be possible if marketing was not involved, as it is needed to find main factors like the business’s target group of customers, and if the business wishes to succeed, they would need the views of their potential customers… this would only be possible through marketing.

Join now!

There is a key to understanding the concept of marketing, it is called The Four Ps. I found this from another paper source,

The CGP GCSE Business Studies Revision Guide. It contained a lot of information on marketing, and this is a topic which I recognized from class work also.

The P’s stand for






Together, these factors create the “Marketing Mix”.

A business Firm would need to determine its Product or service, and make sure it will comply with the customer/consumer’s requirements.

The Price would have to be accepted by the customer as ...

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