Business Objectives at Innocent Smoothies and Oxfam.

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Task 4(M1) Write a summary comparing the aims and objectives of two different organisations from each sector: Private and non-private/voluntary. Compare the aims and objectives of different businesses. (M1)

Aims and objectives for Innocent Drinks (Private Sector)

Aims for Innocent Drinks:

1-The drinks may not contain any additives.

2-Make a profit

3-Become the market leader

Objectives for Innocent Drinks

1-Make drinks that do not contain any of additives

2-By including the natural foods and fruits, they get more customers consuming their drinks so they get more profit.

3-Provide more job places, and set up more shops that people would visit.

Aims and objectives for Oxfam (Non-profitable sector) (Charity)

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Aims for Oxfam:

-To Aid third world countries in any way they can

-To relieve poverty, distress and suffering

-To educate people about the nature, causes and effects if poverty

Objectives for Oxfam:

-To support children

-Sell donated products which will go directly to charity

-Encourage people to increase the quality of life for others

The first aim of the innocent drinks is that the drinks may not contain any additives and the first aim for Oxfam is aid a third of the world countries in any way that they can. Both of these aims are ...

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