The business is a version of a mobile library except we don’t drive a truck around with books. We deliver to customers who have to call us to place their order or they could place their order online. Our delivery charges would be free so customers would only pay for what they have ordered. The website will be very easy to use especially for those who aren’t experts at using the computer.

                       The name of the business will be Rani’s book rental services. The main business activities will include rental and delivery of books and all audio types. The main objectives of the first 12 months will be establishing a solid customer ground, accessing customers who live in the innermost parts of Shenfield and have no access to the Shenfield library because of the distance. The aim is to set up grounds and acquire enough customers and also providing books of all genres. I came up with the idea because most people living in Shenfield get home late from work and by that time the library’s closed so it isn’t available for them to use. Also most people leave quite far from the library and don’t have access to the library.

                           Key staff

                           Rani O, 16, general manager, in charge of sales and production.

                           Tina E, 17, in charge of delivery.

                           Nine E, 16, in charge of finances and stocktaking.

                           Lucy A, 22, in charge of legal affairs.

                           Ak O, 16, in charge of advertising and publications.


                           All staff will assist in aspects different from that originally assigned to them if the need arises and in case of absence, emergency or rush hours.

                           Product / Service

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                           The product range will include sales and rental of books, DVD’s, CD’s, audio tapes. Available for order and over the counter, internet or by phone. There will be books of all types and genres. They will range between newspapers, educational and research books. The target customers will include early morning commuters who would like to read on the train or bus. They also include the nursing mothers who are at home, the young people, and those who get back from work after the library has closed. After ...

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