Business Plan. This Coursework will enable me to know how to set up and establish a new school tuck shop and aims needed to get it started.

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This Coursework will enable me to know how to set up and establish a new school tuck shop and aims needed to get it started. Additionally, business plan will be essential in order to do this. A business plan is required not only to help a business to obtain funds but also demonstrate the viability of the business. This business plan will not just be able to get it started but become successful and profitable to the school.

My objectives for this coursework are as follows:

  • Chapter 1        Methodologies
  • Chapter 2         Data and Graph analysis
  • Chapter 3        Market Research
  • Chapter 4        Market Strategies
  • Chapter 5        key Staff



Collecting data for this coursework was not easy. First of all, my mother and I had designed a questionnaire, and then completed market research. Afterwards, I was responsible for analyzing the data receive. Different students have different needs and wants. Then I decided to use personal interviews to collect the information I needed.


Whiles completing this coursework I encountered several difficulties. First of all I found it challenging to construct my questionnaire correctly. Another challenge was being able to find students who were actually interested in filling out the questionnaire. Some students kept forgetting their papers home before they returned it.Some papers were in terrible condition that either they were mashed up or filthy.

Sample Chosen

I have chosen this sample myself, due to the conditions of the school tuck shop and students complaining including myself. I’ve decided to produce a new tuck shop that would provide the students with satisfaction. Also, being a part of C.R.Walker High School, I knew what students would want and need. It was my decision to interview the first 15 students interested.


If I was to perform this coursework again there would be a few adjustments made. Next time I perform a coursework similar to this, I will attempt to provide more information and also try to increase the range of students interviewed. Additionally, I will think more carefully about customer’s satisfaction before deciding the type of business. I will also widen the range of the market exploration.

Data and Graph Analysis


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15 students were interviewed, most of them are females and others males. Both males and females have the different age groups distributions. This kind of age distribution is made by chance; we made it specialty and differently not to pick up the data randomly.

Is the Tuck Shop Meeting Its Demand?

60% of the students interviewed do not believed that the current school tuck shop is meeting its demands, whilst 40% believed they are.

Do you think the school needs another tuck ...

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