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GCSE: Case Studies

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What is SWOT analysis?

  1. 1 This is one of the commonest ways in which a business analyses its position. It will use a SWOT analysis as a basis for deciding on new strategies. It can also be used by business students to analyse a business as it methodically goes through the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats faced by a business.
  2. 2 Strengths relate to internal factors that make the business better than the competition. It might be a wider product range, lower costs, better established brand name or any other factor that the business thinks it is strong in. Once identified it will look for ways it can build on its strengths.
  3. 3 Weaknesses relate to internal factors that the business feels it is worse in than its competitors e.g. less well known, less well developed in certain products or markets, lack of expertise etc. It is important for a business to be honest in assessing the weaknesses. It will look to minimising the effects of weaknesses or developing them.
  4. 4 Opportunities are external factors which the business could develop. They might relate to a market the business could move in to, a weak competitor, a new product area with strong possibilities of growth or a change in the law which presents business opportunities.
  5. 5 Threats are external factors that threaten the success of the business. It usually relates to a competitor’s action e.g. a competitor that is ruthlessly cutting prices or a new piece of legislation that is threatening to reduce the market. A business will look for ways to reduce the threats once it is aware of it.

How can I find out more about a business?

  1. 1 A company web site is a good place to start but bear in mind that this is written by the company itself and should be treated with some suspicion as a business will use its web site to sell itself.
  2. 2 For more detailed financial analysis, the annual report is a good source. Public Limited Companies must publish details of their finances e.g. profit and loss account and balance sheet. These can be accessed through the web site. Try going to investor relations if you are struggling to find it. The pay of all directors must be stated.
  3. 3 Newspaper articles will give useful information. Go to the web site of a quality paper or the BBC and search on the name of the company.
  4. 4 Try putting the name of the company onto a search engine. You will find that there often there are web sites giving a different perspective e.g. criticising their customer service, ethical policy or products. Do not put too many words into a search engine.
  5. 5 Develop the important skill of skim reading so that you can quickly see if a page is likely to have useful information. Follow links and skim them quickly as well.

How to analyse the external factors that affect a business

  1. 1 PEST analysis is a systematic tool which can be used to analyse the external factors affecting a business. Businesses use it on themselves when doing this and it is effective to use it as a student as it categorises the broad areas of external factors affecting a business. The word PEST comes from the initials of Political, Economic, Social and Technological.
  2. 2 Political factors can have a big influence on the laws affecting business, the purchasing power of consumers and the attitude of government to businesses. A business should analyse how politically stable a country is and any laws that will affect its operation.
  3. 3 Economic factors can have a big effect on the success of a business. It needs to analyse the economic state of countries it is in and the influence this will have on the business. If a country is in recession, this will affect the products and the best approach to marketing.
  4. 4 Social factors can have a big effect on business. Is the population ageing or predominantly young, what do the population think about 'green' issues, what is their attitude towards women?
  5. 5 Technological factors can have a big impact on business. Is a break through in manufacture likely, is there an advance in design and function that affects demand for a product, do customers increasingly want to buy this on the internet in some markets?

  1. 1
  2. 2
  1. Running a marketing campaign for a sport shop which will be selling sports equipment and sports clothing

    Local Market - Where the business is determined to retail their merchandise and services. Marketing Campaign - The technique in which the business encourages itself to draw customers. Target Market - The segment of customers the business is intending its produce and services at. Small Scale - when the business is run in a local area in this case barking and Dagenham. National or International -National is when the business is run in the same country but different parts of the country. International is when the business is being run worldwide, all different countries and different parts of the world.

    • Word count: 4143
  2. Response letter from Alton Towers.

    They developed the estate primarily for pleasure, hence the extent of the gardens that surround the house itself. Alton Towers as a leisure business started to really grow in the 1960's. How old is Alton Towers? The origins of the Towers date back many hundreds of years. However, the ruins that you now see date back primarily to the Victorian period. Although many architects worked on the building, the most famous is Augustus Welby Pugin, who worked under the supervision of Charles Talbot, the 15th Earl of Shrewsbury. He was largely responsible for the Chapel and the Banqueting Hall.

    • Word count: 4185
  3. Communications Report

    No Yes 10/03/08 Finish writing out report, check it all works and print out work so far. Information from research. Printer not working, had to use school printer. Yes 17/03/08 Complete draft including recommendations, print out everything to hand in on the Monday. Information from research. No Yes 28/03/08 Make final adjustments to draft based on suggestions, print off all work as to avoid last minute panic. Comments from Mrs. Sammons (Business Studies Teacher) Art coursework delayed finishing of Business Studies, had to delay printing until 31st. Yes 31/03/08 Hand in final report Had to print off work now as could not finish whilst doing art.

    • Word count: 7501
  4. Unit 5 - Customer Services A lvl

    How do you go about finding out the success or failure of a product or service that you offer? Background Information Within this unit I have been assigned to investigate the customer service provided by Pizza Hut. Two brothers, located in Wichita, Kansas, established pizza Hut in 1958, which soon turned out to be the worlds largest pizza company. At the time this was a relatively new concept. Potentially the two brother had borrowed $600 off their mother which helped them to buy second had goods or equipment to help start up their business and as a tremendous result

    • Word count: 8137
  5. Unit 5 - Customer Service

    And they have found another way to transport the supplies needed for ASDA through rails. P2-Describe four functional areas of the business, including human resources, explaining fully how each contributes to the business activity and giving examples of job roles associated with each area. Human Resources (HR) The Human Resources Department play a very large part in the business world. Human Resources are a department in the business that takes care of the people who depart from the business and are employed into the business. Human Resources are one of the most valuable resources in any business organisation.

    • Word count: 5924
  6. British Airways case study

    Moreover, since airline companies provide multiple services to customers, they are regulated by various legislations and regulations. Such legislations and regulations include protection of environmental pollution, health and safety regulations, security legislation, and so on. Economic In recent years, the world economy has been in recession. The unemployment rates in most countries have increased. The number of worldwide tourist is in a trend of decreasing. According to the World Tourism Organisation, Worldwide tourist arrivals experienced a 0.6 per cent decrease, which is somewhat less than what was feared after 11 September. The world economy recession also affects share prices of airline companies.

    • Word count: 3402
  7. Business studies coursework- Kinetic Plc

    Kinetic Plc need to expand, to compete with its competitors and not lose out on sales. By expanding, the business will have more sources available to increase the rate of production and increase the profit rate. I will be examining this investigation by using a wide range of sources, primary research and secondary research. Primary research is 'first hand data', directly studying the markets desires of wants and needs, whereas secondary research is collecting information which is already available, such as in a magazine it will tell you the information of a cycling club and the needs in a specific local area.

    • Word count: 5770
  8. Evaluate the possible ways to market a new business

    My business' aim is to fill a gap in the market. It will meet a demand for a Tennis academy open to all standards, rather than one where you have to be invited to join. For example the National Tennis Centre at Roehampton, a 32 million pound facility is only open to players who have been invited. The Weybridge Tennis Academy is open to young players of all standards but with the same facilities as the National Tennis Centre. Therefore many more players will pass through the doors of my academy because it is open to a wider range of players.

    • Word count: 3716
  9. The aim of this assignment is to devise a marketing plan for a new business

    We have to watch out for our customers and see if they top any service that we provide. As part of our service is we will give a discount therefore if someone buys three or more era hats we will give a certain percentage off. We will also give a voucher worth �40 on era hats. Whatever happens we will top our competitors and still try to make profit. Business Ownership My business is a private limited company (PLC). I am a sole trader in my business this is because: Advantages * I like working for myself. * It is my responsibility for me to chose what hours are flexible for me to work.

    • Word count: 4190
  10. Business Unit 2 Strand A

    have to use more environmentally friendly, but more expensive methods of production this can cost the company a large sum, and so id not good for the business. However there are benefits to stakeholders such as customers, the customers buy the companies products, therefore they help the company to make money, they are beneficial to the company. Businesses and stakeholders need to work to keep each other happy; conflicts between both stakeholders and business can cost both parties a considerable amount of time and money.

    • Word count: 3025
  11. How do cornershops survive against Tesco?

    Tesco PLC A Public Limited Company is a company, which sells its shares on the stock exchange. By doing this, this gives them the ability to raise millions of pounds from all over the world. Firstly, to set up a PLC one shareholder has to invest �50,000, and sometimes it can be quite difficult to find someone who can invest the money. Another problem is that several legal documents have to be produced in order to set up a PLC.

    • Word count: 4030
  12. sainsburys. The aims and objective of Sainsburys are very straightforward

    In the year 2003 Sainsbury's bank was named the best provider in the money direct awards. Sainsbury's today Sainsbury has seen a change in customers requirements with organic food healthier foods and convenience food all being topical, they have responded to these changes and are proud of the initiatives they have put In place most of Sainsbury's own brand products have been gm free since 1999. Sainsbury's have also made the shopping experience more enjoyable for customers by introducing non food services like beauty and home ware products, general merchandise and clothing on offer.

    • Word count: 4604
  13. Busines comparison between Tesco & Sainsburys

    Sainsburys is not competing as well against Tesco as Tesco is against Sainsburys, I personally believe that this may possibly be due to the fact that Sainsburys prices are higher than Tesco's. The following is the statistics of Sainsbury's turnover from 1999 - 2001: Sainsbury (J) PLC (SBRY.L) As of Wednesday December 19 Business Summary Food retailing and financial services Sector:Food & drug retailers Index:FTSE 100 Key Dates: Int - late Nov; Final - late May. Statistics at a Glance -- SBRY.L (in British Pounds) Income Statement 1999(13) 2000 2001 Turnover Mill. � 16,433.00 16,271.00 17,244.00 Pre tax profit Mill.

    • Word count: 3318
  14. Investigating a business and what business do - London Heathrow Marriott (LHM) and Tescos.

    would show two different systematic ways of how two PLC?s can run differently allowing me to see whether people in the business world have a preference to buy shares of LHM over shares of Tesco and how the companies have expanded their business. I chose Tesco?s because in comparison both the businesses have different aims and objectives which would illustrate different businesses being based around different products and services can be similar. I can also demonstrate the aims of the business and why those aims are going to be beneficial to their business and whether their aims and objectives are too high or too low for them.

    • Word count: 17415
  15. Business Plan. This Coursework will enable me to know how to set up and establish a new school tuck shop and aims needed to get it started.

    Sample Chosen I have chosen this sample myself, due to the conditions of the school tuck shop and students complaining including myself. I?ve decided to produce a new tuck shop that would provide the students with satisfaction. Also, being a part of C.R.Walker High School, I knew what students would want and need. It was my decision to interview the first 15 students interested. Changes If I was to perform this coursework again there would be a few adjustments made.

    • Word count: 3203
  16. Primark and Blockbuster Describe the main aims and objectives of the business and the external factors which have affected the ability of the business to achieve them.

    For example, at the end of winter they place the winter products on half price sales which is a good strategy for a business to use because people will try to save money on products that they will be needing for the next winter and they want to be a step ahead and prepared for the arrival of the next winter. They objective here would be to make sure that they do not price their products at a higher cost rather than a reasonable and affordable price.

    • Word count: 6363
  17. Task 4: What is the most important factor for generating repeat purchase at the School Canteen?

    Of the total, all 15 of the people were students, 0 were teachers and 0 were others. 1. How old are you? This bar graph is showing us the ages of the people who took part in the survey. 1 was aged 11-12, 1 was aged 13-14, 3 was aged 14-15, 10 was aged 15-16 and 0 were aged 12-13, 16-17, 17-18 and other. The majority of people were aged 15-16. 1. How would you rate the price of the food and drinks in the school?s canteen?

    • Word count: 4035

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